November 18th, 2020


My latest yarn project turned out to be a meh and now I'm on the hunt for a new one. My issue is that I don't need or want anything knitted or crocheted but I do love the process as long as I can call the shots - pattern, colors, etc. So I don't want to do it on spec and charity work is out. Makes it hard to get all inspired. But, I have a new idea so... onward.

I went online yesterday to see about maybe getting a copy of my drivers license to keep in the car. I discovered that mine is up or renewal at the end of March of next year but there was a little symbol by it indicating that I could renew now... online. So I did! I filled out all the stuff and paid my $78 and bam! Another 6 years in the bag. Enhanced license.

Reminded me of my grandpa who got his license renewed every two years by phone... for many years after the same state (Oklahoma) declared him legally blind. His thought was that as long as the state found him fit to drive, drive he would. But, he always made sure that someone was with him to tell him when the traffic lights were green or red. As a kid, I thought this responsibility was awesome.

How we all lived through childhood in the 50's remains a true mystery.

I am relieved to skip a trip to the department of motor vehicles.

Biggie and I are enjoying our new mostly leaf-free view.


I'm nearly out of breakfasts again. I have two more days of oatmeal and then that will be gone. I'm going to the grocery store next week (Wednesday) so I need to conjure up 5 more days of breakfast. I think cheesy egg muffins. So I'll be making those today.

Also there may be a load of laundry. And more leaf pick up from the terrace.

In other words, Big Day Here! ha.