November 17th, 2020

Bad Habit

Biggie has developed, just this week, a very bad habit. He gets Stickie and brings it up here on the couch and over to me. If I do not pick it up right away and start playing, he bites. Not a giant chomp, mainly just grips my sleeve with his teeth but he has missed a time or two and gripped my hand. Flesh. With teeth. Not good.

I'm now very careful to let time pass between when he brings it to me and when I pick it up. If he does not bite, we play. If he bites, we do not.

And, in related news, I'm not sure he's the sharpest knife in the drawer. At least I will not have to worry about college expenses or him.

I think we can say buh bye to the rest of the leaves today. We have big wind warnings and it's gusting out there already. Now I need to get my neighbors to quit pulling down their damn blinds!

The news this morning is that Amazon is getting into the pharmacy biz. They have had a pill pack deal for a while but this is different. A full on two-day delivery pharmacy. Not great if you Need It Now but it could be really great for me. I think I'm going to try it first with my expensive every day inhaler. My annual prescription runs out mid-January and I think, when I re-up, I'm going to try it out. I'm guessing the price will be the same as Costco. Delivery will be nice. But 5% off using my Amazon Visa will be even nicer. Should shave $20 off a month! My insurance company (Humana) has their own mail order drug situation but they are a mess to deal with. I'm good with Amazon.

I zoomed into the HOA meeting last night. I am usually the only non-board member there and I am there every time. I never say a word. I'm guessing it makes them twitchy. I'm hoping it does. They really are a bunch o idiots. With zero time management skills and a great love of hearing their own voices - no substantial content needed.

Today's excitement includes a little mini road trip down to the Amazon drop off place to return a package. And I might just pick up a sandwich at the bagel place. I do love their lox sandwich and they do still have safe pickup.

But, all this frivolous driving around is going to cost me. I may well have to buy more gas here in the next month or so.

return to ahhhhh

So about 2 miles (or less) down the road - away from town, so easy - is an Amazon outpost. It's actually in the end of the Starbucks Headquarters Building. They are a pickup location for Amazon Fresh and have package pickup lockers. For several years they have also been an option for returning Amazon stuff.

And then they were no longer an option and the other options sucked. Too far or too hard to get to or just too complicated.

But, now, they are back and a kiosk! You don't even have to box up our goods. You get a QR code in email and beep it in at the kiosk. Then put it in a plastic bag that they have right there. The kiosk hands you a label. You slap it on and slip the sucker into the shoot. Easy peasy. And fast. The refund was issued in 3 hours. I missed you Amazon SODO!

Now I just need to get them to turn their free wifi access back on. When they first opened, they thought they had it on until I showed them they did not. And there is zippo cell signal in that building. Now it is off again. I did not tell the guy today because I was lazy. Next time.

I did not need to use my feet from the Amazon place to the car an back. The gusts of wind carried me nicely. All day the wind has been blowing and it's been raining on and off.

And now I'm going to have to clean up leaves from the terrace... again.