November 16th, 2020

And so it begins

Wouldn't it be fabulous if today marked the first day of the return from COVID 19? Here in Seattle, there has been many comparisons to the Flu epidemic of 1918. It, too, had waves but it ended, kind of, except for every fall but still...

But here in my safe condo all is fine.

I actually went outside yesterday. I needed cash. The house cleaner wants cash and I was down to my last payment. I needed a $100 bill for her Christmas card so while the Seahawks were playing and all of Seattle was glued to the TV, I went to the ATM outside the stadium and scored my $100 bill plus enough to pay her for the rest of the year.

I have one other outside the house errand to run this week and that's it. Inside for me!

I just bought my first Black Friday deal. 6 months of a cellphone plan for my backup phone - $53 with tax. I have an old Pixel phone that I like to keep a working sim in for backup. The current plan I bought last year (for a year) ends in December. I looked around for the cheapest thing I could get and couldn't find anything so I shelved the project until today when MintMobile came out with 6 mos for $45. Sold. When the current plan ends, I'll just toss the old sim and pop in the new one. Since I don't care about the phone number, it's easy.

No plans or today. I'm futzing with a new crochet project and have The Crown to watch as well as a zillion other things. Plenty of entertainment. And that's not even counting the neighbors I now can see!