November 14th, 2020


Last night I was wired. I had an Amazon delivery that came in late and instead of being in bed with my book, I was up waiting and then when I did get to bed it was late and even when I turned out the light, I knew I couldn't sleep. I thought I'd give it about 15-20 mins and then just turn the light on and spend more time with my book.

I was out so fast that I did not even hear Biggie completely turn over a shelf in the bathroom (8 feet from my ear) and clatter everything to floor.

I did have a dream about being at the airport. It was massively crowded. People pressed up against each other. I was furious that there were no masks. I was, apparently, not at all upset about everyone being topless. Lots of boobs. I think it's a blessing that I'm not at all interested in dream interpretation.

I am very relieved with canceling my swims. I have one, pretty safe, errand to run this week but that's it. That's my only need to leave this house. I'd still like the governor to lock everything down so that the virus will get discouraged but at least I have a safe place for me.

Amazon is in Christmas mode. I've gotten the option of 10% credit if I'm willing to wait 2 weeks for delivery. And the returns now have until the end of January rather than 30 days. And, they have put the oh-so-convenient package pickup place back into the return rotation so I no longer have to go to one of their store. Nice. I do appreciate Amazon so much. Maybe even enough to cancel out one or two Amazon haters I try to do my part.

I'll be finishing up my granny square sweater today and starting a new project or reconnecting with one I already started - I haven't decided yet. I also need to fix the bedroom TV. Before the treadmill got moved, I only used it for the last few innings of baseball. Now I need to log into the streaming services for treadmill variety.

But, first, it's quality time in my fabulous shower.


One of the Seattle subreddits reports "Managers at Safeway have been told by the governor's office that a 4 week shut down will be announced on Sunday the 15th or Monday the 16th." Zero of the 25ish comments are mad. I'm pretty sure I've never seen a Seattle subreddit topic that didn't draw snark from somebody. I just think we're ready for whatever it takes.

EDIT 30 mins later: Yep. 11 am tomorrow - Governor's address.

My sweater is finished and now taking it's bath in the washing machine so I can block it into shape.

I got the neatest care package from New Zealand today. It was from my friends whose 2020 trip was canceled by the pandemic and whose 2021 trip will likely suffer the same fate. The adorable lamb notecard said they wished they could have delivered it in person. My favorite hand cream of the whole world AND a tube of hand sanitizer from the same people with the same scent (elderberry and coconut) as the hand cream. And a very cute tea towel with sheep and yarn on it. I made the last one they brought into one of my favorite tops and I might just do the same with this one. It was so cute of them to send it and such a wonderful surprise.

I finally saw the movie Can You Ever Forgive Me with Melissa McCarthy and directed by Marielle Heller who also played the mother in Queens Gambit. It's been on my list for a long time and I had e$ that were getting ready to expire on Amazon so... today was the day. It was interesting. McCarthy was fabulous.

Biggie was not that impressed.


I got my replacement for the lost Costco Visa card. All my cards now are in the wallet hanging from the mask hooks on my front door Or in the box on the shelf where I keep cash. And I have a tab in my financial spread sheet with all the credit card info including where the cards are physically. The next time one goes missing, I'm just going to shoot myself. I am an adult, I should be able to keep track of my shit!

Edit 30 mins later: Finished sweater!