November 13th, 2020

Blow those damn leaves!

We had big wind gusts and rain last night. This morning the wind is still blowing and The Tree That I Hate is getting nakeder and nakeder. Hi neighbors!!

The governor did not shut the state down last night. Instead he told everyone to... exact same message he keeps saying over and over again. I'm very perplexed over how he looks at rising numbers and expects that simply repeating everything he's been saying is going to make a difference. He's not expected to do anything at all before Monday which means more cases, more hospitalizations and more deaths. I can't say I'm thrilled with this.

Ha, he just announced that he and the governors of California and Oregon are calling for travelers who come in from other states to self quarantine for two weeks. No penalty for non compliance. Like the people who think it's fine to travel are going to do that.

hahahaha one of my favorite reporters just tweeted "immaculate deception" hahaha nailed it. (I actually hate it when reporters do that - use one account for work and personal. And so share their personal opinions on their work account. I actually don't really approve of journalists having personal opinions - very old school there. But, at least he's opinion was the right one this time.)

Other leaders in the country are taking action, I wish ours would.

Enough of that. But that's really all I have. I did a truckload of laundry yesterday. I do have leaves to pick up off the terrace. There's a new bake off episode... So, in general, a very busy day. ha! It's ok. As usual, I have plenty of diversions with no need to open my front door.


That's the sound of a chicken. I just called an canceled my swims for next week. I was spending too much time stressing over it. My treadmill and I are doing pretty good. I just don't think it's worth the risk.

Two cats and a knitter!

There are still leaves on the tree but I can now see my neighbors for real! The folks who lived in the big unit one floor up and directly across the street are still there. They still have the cat tree that caused me to find the dude in Poland who made Biggie's tree. Today there is a fine looking Tuxedo cat in that tree.

And on a lower floor is there a nice orange cat on a window ledge.

And directly across on the apartment next door to orange cat is a woman sitting at a table knitting! She just moved in. Last week that apartment was empty.

Because of my terrace, it's much harder for them to see in here. But, now that Biggie's tree is outside, at least they can see him when he's on duty. My contribution to the 'hood.


It's going to be a fine, neighborly winter.

I love Seattle - the 4880th edition

I just got a refund from the city for my swimming! There is only one pool in the city opening and it's not til Monday and they are city employees who haven't been open since March. Their reservations web site offers no refunds and their updated swimming info doesn't mention them. There is only a phone number to call and it's only a recorded message.

So, when I called this morning, to cancel, I told the recording that I was simply looking to free up the spots I'd reserved so that other swimmers could have them and that I didn't need a refund. I even suggested they could maybe use it to pay for someone else's swim.

But, just now, I got an email - a refund of my $8.50. So nice of them. Also good to know they got my message.