November 10th, 2020

What day is it?

I slept too late and can't get going today and it so does not matter. I might take a return back to Amazon's pickup spot down the road and stop and get a bagel sandwich for lunch. Or I might wait and take the return back tomorrow when I'm out anyway.

Yesterday turned out to be very busy. At 5, I finally stopped doing stuff to get a snack before the 6 pm Home Owners Association board Zoom meeting when the email came in (at 5:05, actually) that the meeting was postponed a week. Last year's board was way too iron fist. This year's board is way too far the other way. But at least the meetings are Zoom so I can keep tabs with very little effort.

Yesterday I found more places to touch up paint and then I rearranged the kitchen counter stuff a bit and did the entire day full of this and that. I didn't even turn on the TV or pick up a crochet hook until 6. Oh and the Jeopardy people handled Alex's death perfectly, I think.

Now that we have reasonable leadership coming to the federal level and he's gotten reelected to a third term, I expect our governor to double down on COVID restrictions and, sure enough, he has a 'urgent' briefing this afternoon. We're spiking like everyone else. Probably the pool will close before it gets to open. Oh well. Also I'm amused at the vaccine plans. Essential (or is it health care) workers first, then seniors. If I were not old, I'd be pissed at this - but, since I am, I'm delighted.

I almost got attacked by FOMO* yesterday. One of my favorite tech companies* announced a robot vacuum. It has what mine does not and I wish it did and it's cheap (adjacent). But, I got a hold of myself in time. There was no indication of several key factors important to me - noise level, bin size, etc. Plus, as long as my house cleaner is coming, my own robot gets very little use, actually. So I killed the email that would have given me 10% off if I pre-ordered yesterday. I'm proud of me. *Fear Of Missing Out and Wyze.

I also thought a knitting or crochet or yarn advent calendar would be fun - but, happily, I could not find one of those either. I need to bury my wallet. I do not need stuff.

I do need a shower, though.