November 9th, 2020

I love Seattle - the 4879th edition

Years ago, used to make stuffed stuff. Bears and dolls mostly. Then the place where I donated them closed up and finding a new place became a problem and I was really losing interest anyway. Stuffing, back then, was expensive. About $30 for 10 pounds and I went through 10 pounds in a month. Every month. Soo when it was on sale, I grabbed it.

So that's how I managed to end up with 2 10 pound boxes of fiberfil.


They have been taking up space in my outside storage bin forever. I can barely fit one in my car so taking them to Goodwill or any place else was problematic. Someone suggested Freecycle so finally yesterday, I logged in there and was underwhelmed.

Then I got a bright idea... I went to Etsy and searched for handmade stuffed toys in Seattle. BINGO! And I found this shop. And I sent the shop owner a note with the photo of the fiber boxes and asked if she wanted them. Three hours later I got a reply with an enthusiastic YES!

Last night I drug them downstairs and met her at the front door. I handed her the boxes and she was delighted. Then she gave me a gift back 'to say thank you properly'!

In it, nestled gaily in tissue paper were a dozen of her adorable greeting cards and two expensive locally made chocolate bars one of which is called Many Thanks!


How classy is that??? Wow. I could not have been more delighted. I have beautiful and clever cards - 6 Christmas cards! - delicious chocolate and storage space! Win win win win.

The whole thing is amazing to me.


I may need to find some socks this morning. It is chilly in here. Even Biggie seems to be limiting his outdoor time. I do love the chilly.

When we were moving the bed, we gouged the wall a little in one spot. I filled in the gouge easily (piece of cotton ball and wood putty - worked great). Then yesterday, I got out my little pots of touch up paint and made it disappear and fixed a few other places. Then I got out the bathroom paint and fixed all the little spots left by the shower guys. And managed to get it all done without Biggie getting paint on himself. I was pretty proud of myself.

Another morning of sitcom + treadmill. This is an excellent combo.

I've already started refreshing the city's recreation reservation page to get a swim slot next week. They haven't turned it on yet. I'll be checking obsessively all day, of course.

And reading. I have a library book on my Kindle that will soon be due. I do not understand the 'overdue' situation on Kindle library books. Sometimes they become unavailable and sometimes they are available weeks after they are 'due' (these are always books with long hold queues). Weird but find and lordknows the price is right.

No reason, no plans to go anywhere this week except for Wednesday when the house cleaner is here. I will probably use the time to take the car in and if they are crowded again, just wait.

The folks across the hall, where my house cleaner used to clean after me, moved out last week. So far their unit isn't for sale or for rent. Curious.

Ok, time to quit futzing and get going - at least get showered and dressed.

I'm In. Surf's up!

I'll be swimming on Monday at 11:30 and again on Friday at 11:30! The city's reservation system is a little convoluted but I'm impressed they even have one and it works so I'm not going to bitch. $4.25 a swim (beats the $15 I paid at the Ballard gym).

Apparently the locker room will be open but not the showers or lockers so I will be able to get out of my suit and dried off before I leave so that's fine. I can shower when I get home.

The pool has a deep end which is not necessary but oh so luxurious. I love jumping in and going down down down before I take off.

Now I just need my lungs to cooperate. After several swims, particularly if those swims are every day or every other day, in a chlorine pool, I get severe shortness of breath and coughing. [Set aside that this is NOT the time for either of those two symptoms...] Since it does not happen at the pool or even right after a swim, Dr. Lung thinks it's likely not an allergy. SINCE it's not an allergy, maybe I can condition my lungs to it if I work at it. Hence the Monday and then Friday... I'm going to try anyway.

Now I need to dig out my swim gear!