November 8th, 2020

Is it a Popeye's Sunday? Well, yes, I believe it is!

My new treadmill home is perfect. I have been listening to my audiobook while I treadmill but last night I finished one and I don't have the next one queued up yet. So I turned on the TV and watched an episode of Reba (still one of my all time favorite sit coms and it's not too dated yet). I walk for 25 minutes and without ads, Reba is just over 22. Perfect. It really is a nice option to have. Plus I do love all the extra room now in the bedroom - I like the look and the feel. I just need to get that duvet cover so that it does not look like an unmade bed!

I have no Popeye's in the freezer and haven't had any in more than a week. This situation needs to be fixed. So today, I'll make the trek over there and lay in the needed supplies. After all, I still have 22 more days until I get my first jelly!

Is there a pre-advent calendar? hmmmm

There's a soccer game in the stadium across the street today and in normal times that would mean a trip out anywhere in the car would not be worth it - too much traffic. But, now, there will be a smattering of fans at the open air sports bar on the corner but nothing to clog up roads. So, once again, the pandemic giveth.

I do need to find my next book today. There are several that are not in the libraries on my to read list but they are on Audible. I killed Audible in October. A couple of weeks ago they had a sale $50 off the yearly deal. ($100 instead of $150 for 12 books over a year.) I couldn't find it and figured it was over. But they still let you email customer service so I did. I asked if they were going to repeat the deal for Black Friday or Christmas or would they just give it to me now. In 3 hours I got a reply saying Yes. I checked my account and there it was. 12 book credits and my credit card had been charged only $100. Wow. So now I have way too many choices.

OMG, Just saw the news about Alex Trebek's passing. Not a huge surprise but still. Big old bummer. He did good. Wonder what Jeopardy will do on Monday.

The sun is out and throwing shadows on the terrace. There are some leaves falling onto the terrace from the Tree That I Hate and just now a big old crow swooped by. Biggie is having the very busiest of mornings out there. That cat door was the best money I've spent in a while. In and out and in and out and in and out. All damn day long. My other cats liked it out there once in a while but they did not have the dedication to the job like Biggie.

Time to shower and get into my road trip clothes.

Again??? Geesh

I have lost another credit card. Holy fuck what is wrong with me?? This time it is my Costco Visa. At least it is the most simple to get a replacement and not one that going without for 4-7 business days will be a bother Or one I use online but still. What a dope.

I was surprised when I clicked 'lost' on the Citi site and didn't get the response AGAIN???!!!

No one has used it. If I need to go to Costco, I can use the Costco card on my phone. But, I do feel like an idiot.

So no more split card scheme (some in the car, some in the house). My driver's license and debit/credit cards are all now in one small wallet that hangs on the front door and has a long crossbody strap and, most importantly, a Tile fob connected to my phone (which I just tested and can hear from the living room).

The only exception is one credit card and a $20 I keep tucked between my phone and its case.

Truth is, I rarely use anything but Google Pay any more anyway. I even used it at Popeye's drive in this morning.

And fried chicken. I have fried chicken. I have fried chicken in my tummy. I have friend chicken in the fridge. I have fried chicken in the freezer. I may have over done it but I am feeling an enormous amount of fried chicken security right now.

I also got an order from Amazon already today - usually on Sundays, they wait until 8 pm or Monday.

It's a new Roku remote. $9 and I love it. Small, and perfectly hand suited so you can get get a fast and good grip without pushing buttons. It has 4 buttons you can program to services and it has the volume controls and mute button on the top. (Most Roku remotes have them on the sides which makes me crazy.) I got one for the bedroom and one for the living room. Perfect.

I have a short list of little things I need to do around the house and then I think I'm going to settle in for some TV and crochet.