November 7th, 2020

A new day

I was just getting ready to write this entry when my rolling twitter feed erupted. What a lovely way to start the day. The results of the election of 2008 will forever be THE election for me. GOP - here in Seattle, we passed G - same sex marriage, O - Obama by a landslide and P - we legalized marijuana.

But, today is truly a very close second. I feel like we fucked up badly and now have been forgiven. I do hope we remember our lesson.

It is fun to watch all the little videos on Twitter of mini spontaneous celebrations around the country. Also weird to see so many still without masks. Dr. Fauci, your work has only just begun. [EDIT many celebrations later: Seeing lots of masks now. Whew]

I honestly and truly thought that we were doomed for another four years. I've really thought that for the last four. How wonderful to be so wrong.

Meanwhile... back at the ranch, my latest project is coming along.


I have the fronts done and the back started. My plan is to add a shawl collar in green - probably knitted because I like the look of it better than crochet ribbing.

And that will be today. I sill hope to get the bed moved if Frank comes to help but otherwise, I'll be here, wallowing in how lovely it feels to be wrong.

Better and Better

ljtourist came over and my bedroom is fabulous and my curtain rod that I could not reach to straighten is straightened and I have the coolest Advent calendar ever.

Here is the before.


It's fine really but the TV is on the wall opposite the bed and you really can't see if from the treadmill plus the treadmill just sticks out there in the way. And, you can't see if, but the ceiling fan is not centered over the bed.

But, now!


(I hate duvet covers because they always look so sloppy.) The bed shifted to the left and now the treadmill is out of the way with a perfect TV watching option! And finally after decades, the fucking fan is centered over the bed!

I'm seriously jazzed.

I love those little jars of jellies. The kind that they basically tuck into gift baskets or give you in fancy breakfast places. I love the variety and that you don't have to commit to one flavor for a giant jar. Somehow this came up last year after Christmas - Frank was telling me about this advent calendar thing he saw. They were seasonal history by then and, honestly, I totally forgot about them. (He actually brought me a little jar of fig preserves last Spring and I finally had the last of it just last week - I'm also a jelly hoarder.)

Anyway today he brought me...


My very own Advent box of tiny jellies - one for every day!!! I am so excited. Plus, in all my 71 years I have never had any kind of Christmas countdown. We did not do Advent things in our church growing up and I was grandmother age when Elf on a Shelf was born. I'm now very much looking forward to December 1!! I've got less than a month to decide regular, rye or maybe English Muffin!!

So, yeah, things here are just feakin' excellent today. Maybe this is the corner that Trump was talking about our rounding? Is that 2020 I see in the rear view?