November 6th, 2020

Hanging Chads

From the New York Times this morning "If Trump does not concede, Biden campaign says U.S. government is ‘perfectly capable of escorting trespassers out of the White House.’"

How sweet would that be?

And from Twitter this morning, I learned that Geoffrey Palmer has died. He was older than dirt, so not a shock but it does give me pause to remember the hours of entertainment he brought me. I want to send a condolence card to Mrs. Bale.

I got several comments about having to drive home in a wet swimsuit in the winter. When I used to swim there early in the mornings, I'd wear my heavy ankle length hoodie over my swimsuit and then, after my swim and shower, I'd wear it home comando. My car's seat heats up quickly. I can probably wriggle out of my suit and do the same. The issue is not the suit but the chlorine stuck to my hair and skin. At least, I can walk right into my glorious shower the very minute I get home.

Way back more than a decade ago, I first went to this very pool to try out aqua aerobics. I had not been swimming in about 50 years. But, the very minute I hit the water I instantly remembered the joy of swimming as a kid. I went to that class twice and sometimes more a week for ages and then started lap swimming and never looked back. But the pool had weird hours and then they killed the early morning swims and I found the LA Fitness pool that my insurance paid for and I switched.

But I have a real fondness for this city pool. And am so tickled that the city picked it as the first pool to reopen.

No big plans today. I have the latest Bake Off episode to watch. I am grateful this week that I do not have access to any cable news channels. Basically, I'm eyeing the twitter feed go by and the New York Times front page. And trying not to eye either too much. Biggie has gone to take a nap with instructions to come find him if news breaks.