November 5th, 2020


I honestly did not expect Biden to be doing as well as he is. I really did think Trump would win solidly with enough votes to declare Tuesday night or yesterday. So I'm pretty good this morning, thank you. But, my optimism is still pretty tempered.

We had huge gusts of wind yesterday and The Tree That I Hate is maybe half done leafing. In spite it left more than a few of those leafs on my terrace. So I'll be picking those up this morning when I go out to spit.

Besides all the yard work, today will be laundry day, too. Man, the chores just never end, do they?

After continuing the battle yesterday with that Samsung tablet, I remembered an old chromebook - one that I even have a keyboard skin for. I hauled it out, updated it and now IT is my kitchen workhorse. I'll save that tablet for games or a door stop. Yep. I have way too many devices but, really, I use most of them every single day for one thing or another so I'm fine with it. Delighted, actually. I just need to remember that when new ones are announced I DO NOT NEED ANY MORE.

The other day I read a tip on the way to finding something that said to put a little essential oil on a cotton ball and drop it into the bottom of your garbage. I had some clove oil so I popped a cotton ball of it into the bottom when I put in a new trash bag yesterday. And promptly forgot about it, but now, every time I open the lid to toss something, I get a nice whiff that is not garbagy. Love a good tip.

I have only a few more Law and Order UK episodes left. And I have one Queens Gambit episode and then it's time to move on. I watched the first episode of The Undoing. Love Hugh Grant (even the old family man version) but I have this thing about Nicole Kidman. She just annoys me. The series is a drop-one-every-week kind. I'm not sure I'll make it. But, we'll see. Plenty of stuff to watch. Plenty.

Oh my new Costco boots arrive today. This should be interesting.

Shower time.

Size 6????

Some yahoo selected size 6 when they ordered Costco boots. I mean they are cute little buggers but the two of them together would almost cover one of my feet. I blame their website which was last updated during the 1918 pandemic. No biggie. I was on the fence about them anyway. Easy enough to pop over to Costco and trade 'em in for $$. They have them in my size still but I've moved on emotionally. I have emergency boots if needed.

The big news du jour is the opening of the city pool! My city pool! The city pool that is closets to me. Under massive restrictions, they are opening it for lap swimming only with lane reservations only. No locker room. Come in your suit and leave in your wet suit. BUT, the reservations are for an hour! And max two to a lane. No early morning or even late morning. They won't open till 11:30.

I'm pretty sure my lungs will not be happy about this pool. Last time I swam there was a while ago and just once when my regular pool was closed and it was fine. So I think I might try it. Gotta be less germy and more safe than the gym. Plus an hour! Plus it's so close. Just once won't kill me. IF I can get a reservation. The reservation system kicks in on Monday for swims starting on the 16th.

I think I'll just whip over to Costco now. I don't really need anything in the store so I can just hit up the returns desk and skeedadle outta there.