November 4th, 2020

What a day

My expectations for election results was very low to start with so, so far, I've been pretty pleasantly surprised. But, it really doesn't feel that pleasant. It's going to be a long nnnn days/months.

But there are even more frustrating stressers working on me this morning. A while back I discovered that I could not access via my wifi router. I can get there via my phone's hot spot. I can get there via my modem directly, but when you throw a router into the mix, I'm blocked. I tried a different router. Blocked. Happily, I rarely need access and my phone's hotspot is easy to use so after weeks of investigation by the Eero team and then Google, I gave up and quit trying. Then, about a month ago, I realized that I could finally get there again! Yeah!!

I set up an email address for the kitchen - (clever, no?). I set up a little email client on a tablet and it because my Kitchen access. I had not even looked at it in a while and the notification noise was bugging me so I opened it up this morning and discovered that 1. the email had not refreshed in a couple of weeks and 2. I couldn't get it to refresh.

Yep, is no long accessible again - unless I use the hotspot. What a PIA. I finally decided to use as my kitchen email address and set that up but it's a Samsung tablet and I swear, they do everything they can to keep you from doing what you want on their tablets. Note to Self: Please go back to Never Buy Samsung Shit again. So it was not easy but it is now done.

Then the developers of another program I use asked me to test some stuff and that test did not work out all that well either.

I watched The Good Doctor last night. It was a new episode that covered the first six weeks of the pandemic from inside the hospital. It was horrible. Uncomfortable. I have liked that show but I'm not sure I'm interested in watching a fictionalized version of the doomsday we are living in. I'm not opposed to 'ripped from the headlines' lordknows I've donated years of my life to Law and Order episodes. Maybe if/when the pandemic is over... but not now.

It's just a shit day. I need to lean into it, I guess.

On the up side, I have a bascillion packages arriving today. Underwear and kitty litter and yarn and dried vegetables from Etsy. Random that they are all scheduled for today but I'm ok with the distraction.