November 2nd, 2020

Re arranging...

When I was 6, we moved to North Carolina and into a house where I got my first bedroom all to myself. No more whiny, pink lace loving sister to have to share with. It was mine, all mine. My kingdom. I remember the heady feeling of those first few days just like it was this morning.

For the next 12 years, one of my greatest joys was rearranging my room. The bed here, the dresser there, the rug running this way, the rug over there. I'd send days planning it in my head and then I'd get it all moved and spend days wallowing in the 'welcome to your new home'ness of it all. And then, six months later, I'd do it all over again.

I have actually never lost the joy of having my own space to do with as I please. And while I rearrange far less frequently now, it has not lost its attraction. I've wanted changes in my bedroom for a while. And I thought I had a plan but it involved moving the bed. My bed is a regular mattress and frame atop a ton of metal works of the adjustable part of it. I can almost move the mattress on my own. It's a really heavy one. And I could, likely scoot the bed fame across the carpet. But the adjustable base, nfw.

But ljtourist has kindly agreed to come over next weekend and lend me some muscle! We'll be the masked movers! My original plan was to scooch the bed over about 5 inches to allow me to line up the treadmill next to it. And, that may be the plan I actually go with but I also plan to use this week to chew over all the alternatives.

What fun!

Yesterday, I ordered some storage stuff from Amazon. And just now, they delivered it! 8:30 am. Right to my door instead of to the garage. Thanks, Amazon! You really are a wonder.

And, yep, the storage stuff is part of the bedroom plan :)

Last week I got one too many spam calls and went into my settings and set up all the stuff to block them. And, managed to just block every single call. It was nice for a while until a friend called and I got no ring, just a voice mail. So, I went in and unset everything. Now the phone rings again so... I'm ready for those wonderful folks 'from Microsoft' to call and tell me my PC needs their money and those folks from 'your credit card' to let me know I'm in danger! I think they are getting a slow start this morning.


My jacket is coming along. That will be most of today's project, I think.

But first a shower and then unboxing those boxes.

Condo Drama...

So I get this email today from the building manager (the one that i call thatfuckingweasel in my head).

Dear Susan,

I hope you are well and staying safe. I am reaching out to make you aware that I have received a report that someone from your balcony was witnessed spitting off the building on Tuesday, Oct. 27, 2020. I wanted to take an opportunity to kindly remind you that this behavior is considered a violation of the Rules as it is unsanitary and potentially affects others in the community. We are aware that what was received was a report so if you believe you are receiving this notice in error please let me know.

If you have any additional questions or concerns please feel free to reply all to myself and Kevin [Jathan's supevisor]. Thank you.

Warm Regards,

Jathan Hamilton
Facility Manager

Spitting???? Right. Potentially affects others in the community. But hopes I'm well and safe with warm regards.


I replied that there was no one in my unit on that day except me and I do not spit. I also offered him video of my terrace if he would tell me when the offense was to have occurred.

He then allowed as how the person reporting probably got the wrong location and video wasn't necessary.


Now, if it was the next day, Wednesday, the house cleaner was here. I love the conversation we'd have (safely over text) 'So, when you were here last week, did you do much spitting off the balcony and could you not do that ever, please?'

But, seriously, it's time for Jathan to find a new job. I'm over him.

Warm Regards,

The Non Spitter

whoa! sorry, Amazon

I just got an email from Chewy's and figured it was the tracking number. They use OnTrac which generally has pretty horrible delivery service here in downtown Seattle.

I opened the email to get the number and discovered that it was a notice that the order had been DELIVERED! I place that order on Saturday. The day before yesterday.

Holy speedy delivery, batman!

I ordered monthly deliveries to save a penny, figuring that next month Amazon's price would be back down and I'd cancel Chewy. But, now I can't. That kind of speed and efficiency wins. Wow.

Also I think I have the bedroom figured out. Of course I'll probably change my mind 12 times before the weekend but, maybe not.

Also there has been no spitting. I checked the video.

This cat food is the same brand but a different flavor so I need to mix it up with what I have left of his current stuff. Biggie's taking his nap in the closet. If I mix it now, he'll hear me and come out and want to play Stickie. So I think I'll wait til this episode of Law & Order is over.

Masks - the many up sides...

Last Summer when I got to swim for a month, I noticed that the mask I put on after my swim hid most of the marks that the goggles left on my face. Nice. And, I have enjoyed making rude faces at people right in front of them when they can't tell.

But, mrdreamjeans added way more good things to the upside list in his entry this morning:

Things I like about wearing a mask:
1. In Minnesota's bitter cold weather, the mask will warm the face ...
2. I don't have to shave every day ...
3. Some of the masks cover a chin ... or two ...
4. I'm having fun mixing and matching them for work, using them as accessories ...
5. I don't have to worry about bad breath ...
6. If I mutter something unkind, most people won't hear what I said ...
7. I especially like the feeling I am being considerate of others ...

Those anti-mask people can waste their money on lipstick all they want...