November 1st, 2020

Hello Winter

It occurred to me yesterday that the election, COVID and Halloween all fought against each other for news time and so left such a tiny hole for the always annoying constant reminders with accompanying whining to 'fall back'. We voted last year to eliminate the time change. But, because the vote was to keep Daylight Saving Time always, we cannot do that without federal approval. So, I was very grateful that we did not have time to beat that dead horse this year.

I had zero trick or treaters and I was totally prepared. It's the same number I've had for the past 30 years. Works for me.

I did see and love this photograph of the Seattle ferris wheel down on the waterfront. (It links to the photographer's Etsy page which is full of his beautiful work.) The poor ferris wheel is in an induced coma since the pier it sits on is next to the one that fell in last summer. 2020. So I'm doubly impressed that they dressed it up.

I noticed this morning a distinct change in The Tree That I Hate. The leaves are getting brown. They go from drab green to brown and then fall off so we are getting close to finding out what my neighbors are up to. We have a week of rainy weather coming up so hopefully that will do it.

I'm out of breakfast burritos again. For some reason I just hate making even the most simple breakfast in the morning. It's just too much trouble. Heat and eat is my way. I've never found a store bought heat and eat that I like and I have tried. The only exception is McDonald's sausage biscuit. Periodically, they have them for $1 each. When they do, I cash the hell in and freeze them. But, I rarely even get near them these days so... I make my own batch breakfasts. These days, it's breakfast burritos.

I started the new Jack Reacher last night. It's the first one written by the author along with his son. He's grooming his son to take over and I hope it works. I get really steamed when the authors of series I like, die. (I'm looking at you, Vince Flynn.) So I appreciate Child's efforts. I do not appreciate that he's still using Scott Brick to read his books. But, ok. Still nice to reconnect with Jack.

I have a little sewing project and then TV and crochet. My jacket is coming along nicely and I still love the colors so yeah!