October 16th, 2020


Lots of todo's today. Well, 'lots' may be stretching it.

- take some more of the color course I started yesterday - I get the whole colorwheel shit, what I don't get is how to transfer that knowledge to knowing which yarns make the best groupings. Work in Progress.

- watch the new episode of Bake Off

- find a new audio book to start tonight

- follow Tampa Bay's game in hopes they quit losing!

ok so maybe not lots but enough for a list!

My post office email says my ballot will be arriving today.

I moved here in 1991. I voted at a precinct in the first election and by the time the next one came around, they moved my precinct to a very inconvenient place AND also offered sign up for voting by mail. I grabbed the latter and have voted by mail ever since. A few years ago (five or so?) they closed down all the precincts and everyone voted by mail. Shortly thereafter, they even made it stamp-free. I feel like Washington State has their voter shit together.

I'm now trying, for the first time, the low cal hot chocolate packet with one little container of liquid coffee mate. Perfection. Also SELF STIRRED which makes it even better, of course.

There is a fly in this living room. Biggie is ignoring it and it's driving me crazy. Probably just in here for the warmth but, hey, if you are going to freeload, mind your manners!

I guess I'll just go take a shower, that will teach him!