October 15th, 2020

Looking ahead

I got nothing on my calendar for two full weeks. Nobody I have to do anything for. No place I have to be. Nothing required. If Tampa Bay makes it to the world series, I'll likely watch that.

But mostly it's all one big luxurious span of time. I often miss working for a living. I really do. But, when I have all this time stretched out in front of me with no deadlines and no deliverables, I'm perfectly thankful.

One thing I think I'm going to do with my time is take an online class for yarn work color schemes. I found one but I think I'm going to hunt around to make sure it's the best before I spend the bucks.

I'm reading the strangest book right now. The Misfortune of Marion Palm by Emily Culliton. I'm 7/8ths of the way done and I have no idea what's going on. It's a very strange story, told in a very strange way. If I were a literature teacher, this would be a freakin' gold mine of grammar usage and literary device examples. But, as a reader of a story with only one hour left, I have not one single clue if I'm going to end up hating it or loving it. So weird.

My second favorite player on the Mariners 2020 team was just awarded the American League Rookie of the Year. So very cool for him.

The West Wing special reunion airs today. I know it's just a ploy for get out the vote but I don't care. I'm looking forward to watching.

But, first, I need to shower, dress, make my bed and clean out the litter box. Those are the rules.

Note mainly to me

In the HOA meeting earlier in the week I heard something that I filed as To Be Thought About Later. And later turned out to be a few minutes ago when I just remembered it.

About 8 or so years ago, they coated all of our terraces with this kind of weather protecting stuff that turned out to be a major fail. I keep my terrace covered with indoor-outdoor carpeting. I like the look and it's way easier to vacuum clean than the deck is to wash clean. Plus, it feels better on my feet. $40 worth of carpet has now lasted me about 5 years and looks to have about 5 more on tap.

Anyway, the board now has decided that they need to replace that coating. So everyone is going to have to take all the stuff off their decks. This was raised at the meeting when the realtor guy on the board noted one unit had planters that were too big to move. "Doesn't matter" they said "he'll have to move them anyway."

I have four cupboards - two at each end of the terrace. They each have stuff in them and all four are not only too big to move, I got no place to move them to.

When they coated before, the building manager was much nicer and easier to work with and the board was same. So they let me just leave the cupboards in place and they coated up to their edges.

This current regime would not even consider that option. Out of spite if nothing else.

Last year when bill_schubert was here, we did a massive clean out. We emptied all four and got rid of a good 50-75% of the contents. I've since come to learn that, really, I can live without most of the rest as well.

So, when the edict comes down, I think I'll hire one of those overpriced Come Take My Shit Away places and have them just cart everything off. I might put in two smaller wire shelving units in their place. Maybe.

Yep, that's a plan.

The speed at which this HOA board makes things happens, however, tells me the edict ain't coming soon. Maybe not in my lifetime. BUT if I'm wrong and/or live too long, I have a plan.

Go me.