October 3rd, 2020

There will be cookies

I found another Betty Crocker cookie mix pouch and so... Today there will be chocolate chip cookies. I need to time the making carefully. I think I'll do it right after lunch. If I'm the least bit hungry, I'll eat all the dough before it gets to be cookie.

Besides loving unbaked bake goods - pie crust, cake mix, cookie dough - with a passion naturally, I was deprived as a child. My mother would mix together these glorious baked goods. And the result was two mixer beaters and an empty bowl to lick. One for each of the three of us.

But, in addition to being an excellent baker, she was an olympic scraper. I swear, there were chips of the bowl in those cakes and cookies. She'd scrape ever last tiny bit out of the bowl and off of the beaters so when she handed them over to us, there was nothing but the memory of what could have been.

I've been making up for that deficit my whole life. But today I want cookies so I will not even start making until I'm full.

My heel is much better. I felt only a twinge this morning while treadmilling so I iced it down. I'll keep babying it and I'll bet it will be fine.

Outside of the cookie project, I've got nothing planned for today. And nothing that needs to be done or place I need to go. Just a nice quiet day ahead. Luxury.