October 2nd, 2020


We've turned the corner for sure. No more hot days. Finally. I need to remember that Summer ends at the end of September now instead of Labor Day and reset my expectations. Last night was excellent sleeping weather. I loved it and Fitbit loved it. I scored a personal best 90 on my sleep rating.

This morning it is nice and chilly. I love cool, crisp days so much.

Beyond just being comfortable, there is nothing else on today's agenda. I might do a load of laundry so that could be some excitement.

I have a yarn project that I'm enjoying very much. I'm just now past the halfway point. So likely I'll plunge on there. I am thoroughly enjoying Young Wallender on Netflix. I've got a good book on Kindle and one on Overdrive. I've got entertainment galore.

And I have some self doctoring to do. I have what Dr. Google says is achilles tendinitis. I'm pretty sure it comes mainly from too much sitting with my foot pointed and not flexed. It's sometimes really painful but last night I found an old brace the actual doctor gave me years ago for a case of plantar fashionista that keeps my foot comfortably flexed and the tendon stretched. I wore it last night and iced my heel down this morning after the treadmill. Oh and I have switched from my easy comfortable shoes to my serious walking shoes on the treadmill. I think it's getting better or it will. I don't have an alternative for my morning treadmill walks so I can't have them cancelled. So along with the other entertainment, I'll be babying my heel.

Biggie testing out the current yarn project...


A lovely surprise

Last year about this time I started trolling around for some new way to track my finances. I had been doing a lot of it manually, some through Mint, some through Personal Capital. And then one day Mint would no longer download from one of my accounts. Then, about a month later Personal Capital would not download from another one. And I decided it was time to find a new way to do shit.

I found Tiller which basically downloads the data from all my accounts and put it into a Google spreadsheet for me. So it was kind of the best of everything. And it worked. And, most importantly for me, it had an active community forum where you could ask questions and read tips.

I did the free trial and then I bought a year for $70. Totally worth it. I had several false starts, I learned a shit ton about spreadsheets. And I am more on top of my finances than I ever have been. I know exactly where every penny went and I have everything in line to pay all the big annual bills coming up.

The forums are fun and I learn a lot - nearly the entire staff of the company is online daily to help out and answer questions - and can help new people coming up. It's one of those where they track your usage and award you levels as you participate more. I did not really pay much attention to that. Until today. I got an email saying I was a super use and so, they paid my fee for next year and did want another t-shirt (they sent me one a couple of months ago)?

Nice. very nice.

I've been doing chores around the house and at the computer. My doctor's clinic is moving from one marginally operational patient system to another one. I can't see much difference and neither is stellar. But they are better than no online access at all, for sure. As a special service, they will not be transferring the patient records to the new system. WTF??? BUT, they did, at least provide a way to download. I selected 'all' and got a 143 page PDF. But, at least it does have everything - all the test results and all the visit reports, etc. In one place. So, yeah?

And icing down my heel in between stuff. A nice day all around.