September 21st, 2020

21st Night of September... do you remember?

First of all, I need to apologize to the Seahawks. Their piped-in crowd noise, if they even had any, never got over here to my living room. There were people at the outside dining space of the bar on the corner. I could here them once in a while and the occasional asshole horn honker, but really that's it. Except one other thing...

Seahawks fans love to stand under my terrace and scream SEA while the rest then scream HAWKS!! over and over again. Last night I heard one dude yell SEA... never heard an answer. Cracked me up, really.

I think today I might make some pajamas. I've been sleeping in a very old, very ratty t-shirt and some stretch shorts. I need a better look but, more importantly, I need more comfort. I have tons of appropriate fabric on hand and it's cool enough to work back in the sewing room now so I think that's just what I will do.

One more week of baseball. Next Sunday is the last game. As with most years of its life, there will be no post season for the Mariners. And, as with most years, I look to the bright side of my being able to cancel the cable expensive package required to watch Mariner games. And, once again, I'm shocked that I have to pay $80 more a month just to see the games. This year, however, I only had to do it for two months.

I'm thinking of buying some months of Hulu for mindless sitcoms for a while. Then I'll buy a month of HBO and a month of CBS All Access and a month or more of Showtime once the new seasons of my favorite shows drop on those streams. Still cheaper than Mariners baseball. Sigh.

No big excitement here this week or plans, actually. I have lots of good food, baseball and other TV, plenty to crochet and knit. I'm a happy camper with no need to leave camp.

Up next is sewing but first a delicious shower.

My cheatin' pajamas

My balance isn't good enough to walk on the treadmill without holding on. It's fine because it's my legs that need the work the most. But, my fitbit sits on my wrist and if my wrist doesn't move, my steps don't get counted.

NFW am I doing 25 minutes on the treadmill and not get counted. So. I take my watch off and put it somewhere else. I've tried pinning it to my shoes, putting it in a little bag and hanging it over my shoulder, sticking it in the wasteband of my pants. The later is the most successful and the easiest but I have had it drop out which is a bother.

So, today, when I made PJ's, I made a special pocket just the right size for my fitbit! A cheat pocket! ha. I also made a pocket for my phone. I'm going to give them a test run tonight/tomorrow morning and if they work as desired, I'm going to make at least one more pair.

Fun fact. One fitted twin or full sheet is plenty to make PJ's. And I think it's kind of meta - sleep fabric for sleep clothes. Plus, the fabric is knitted and the sheets are used from Goodwill so these PJ's are like wearing your old soft t-shirt. Win.

When I swam every day, jewelry was a bother so I never bothered. My watch band was rubber and I wore one of those silicone bracelets that has DNR instructions on it. Now I wear earrings! The same pair all the time, but still. The DNR bracelet was really bugging me plus I'm pretty sure no one would see it or pay attention to it. So I got an up grade. A dog tag! I found it on Etsy last Friday, ordered it and it got here today!

50369173527_4c9ebae2da_c 50369011906_67bf906713_c

Much better, more useful information.

It is really nearly chilly in here today. On Saturday when I was ordering the cat door for Biggie I thought, what the hell do I need a cat door for, I'll just leave the people door open. Well, that's not going to work for much longer. I'm dressed for hot weather and it's not that chilly but it's cold enough for me to know that cat door is going to be needed soon if Biggie wants to visit the terrace again before June.

And speaking of Biggie, he's wearing his big boy pants these days. The whole time I was sewing, instead of crawling around the sewing machines and trying to eat every pin and clip and turning over the waste basket every 10 minutes when he wasn't walking across the laptop keyboard... he napped. He curled up on the edge of the day bed and watched and snoozed the whole time. It was freaky. He did sit on the pattern pieces while I was trying to cut them out so there's still some kitten in there but not nearly as much. He was a wild kitten and he's a really wonderful teenager now. Maybe one day, he'll let me build another tiny room.

Time to put on a sweater and clean up the kitchen and break out the crochet.