September 9th, 2020

At least I'm not burning

Today's air is more of yesterday's as in I'm not going outside again. It's a darned good thing that I really don't need all the things on my shopping list. This smoke is saving me $$. The weather peops say it will be Friday before I can be outside and breathe again. At least this Friday won't be the Friday before Labor Day and so maybe not so horribly store busy. If I could get everything on my list at one store, I'd just order delivery. But, alas...

So we're looking at yet another day of crochet and TV and reading and just generally amusing myself here. If I get frisky, I might venture down to the garage with a load for the dumpster.

Still no word from Bathfitter. We're waiting for them to tell us when they will be here to do the job. They were to have gotten all the materials by now and have called to schedule. Christian's job is to make it happen and he's on it. I got emails from him Friday and yesterday saying he's trying to get a hold of them for info. It amuses me how little I'm stressing over it all. Ordinarily, I'd be spitting bullets at their ignoring me. But, as it is, I'm calm, cool and collected. It will all work out. We're far closer today to getting it done than we were when we ordered. Could, actually, be any day now.

The Mariners winning streak was snapped last night... it couldn't go on forever. They are the Mariners. But it was fun. I did have to watch the game on mute. The broadcasters got over the top annoying. And the guy who is always, guaranteed annoying was on radio. So I just watched with no sound. It was, nice. No one in the fans, no stupid in my ear. I really do want to go to a game. I do hope I can next year.

I'm still on the rainbow crochet project. It's a good one. I can do it mostly by feel (so good for TV watching) but it still needs a look and decision now and again (so interesting to work on).


Even Alexa is having a day

Alexa just apologized for something I couldn't understand - out of the blue. I could look up what she said and why she said it but I think I'll just accept her apology and move on.

I decided to cancel my Fitbit pre-order and re-order using a different credit card. Canceling was easy. I reordered and got no confirmation email. After about an hour I saw no sign (and their website has no path from 'account' to orders which is very weird). So I got into Chat and got a very nice, no shit CSR who verified that there was no sign of my order and my actual order number was not in their system. I should order again. WTF?

So I copied the chat session for backup and ordered again. Only this time I screwed up the order. AND there was no cancel button on the order status page. Sigh. And chat was not not available. So I called. The nice woman canceled my order but it still showed as 'live' to me so I asked her for an email confirmation that it was canceled and she sent it quite quickly which I thought was nice.

Then I re-re-reordered and this time got it right. Yeah. Still not shipping til the end of the month.

Then I took a load of stuff down to the dumpster. I managed to get back up here with no coughing so I'm declaring a win.

I decided to get doordash for lunch. I looked at some options and finally settled and put together an order for lunch and dinner. $25 worth of food. With taxes, tip and special seattle fees, the final price was $50. NFW. If you charge me $45 for food and $5 for tip, I'd honestly probably go for it. but I just cannot bring myself to pay $25 in fees. It makes no sense, I know but I have left over chicken salad which will be fine. Thanks.

I just saw a tweet from my internet and cable company that wildfires were causing interruptions for some of their Oregon customers. It's one thing to burn shit but you start messing with my internet and cable tv and things are going to get ugly.