August 20th, 2020

The great indoors

Today I did my treadmill work outside. I was afraid of breaking my everyday treadmill habit but my fears were for naught. While mildly interesting, the outside is not for me. I picked today because it rained a little ad I was hoping it might still be but it was only muggy. Not horribly but enough. And really not that interesting. I like the consistency and safety of the treadmill, it turns out. So lesson learned and habit safe. Productive, I'd say.

I did go by Tija's gym to check on the progress. Turns out she was able to sell all machines and weight equipment, apparently easily and to friends and customers. She had intended to have to take it to auction but it is all gone now. Left is an amazing amount and array of other things, though. Chairs and waste baskets and office supplies and racks and pads and just so much stuff. She's have a two day sale of all of it next week. What a tough job.

My new phone is so cool. It's brighter than my old one. I have a clock app I use at night and last night it woke me up with the brightness - same settings as on my old phone. I've fixed that now. There are more tweaks here and there to make. I can't quite get the notification sounds tweaked the way I want them. I bought a docking stand but now I'm worried about the wear and tear on the charging port that it might cause so I'm switching to an older one that works differently. All very fun stuff.

And, honestly, just having a clean phone is great. I need to remember to do a reset to factory defaults about every 6 months. It's so easy to recover from now and it's so neat to have everything fresh. Also neat to just use the thing willy nilly... download this, download that,tweak this, tweak that... knowing in six months you will start fresh again.

I bought upscale trashbags yesterday and I'm quite excited about it. Eons ago, I spent way too much money on a Simple Human kitchen garbage can. It came with a nice supply of bags which I stuffed into the dishwasher with the other bags. I gave the actual can away a long time ago and replaced it with a much better one. I forgot about the bags. But when I cleaned out the bag collection not long ago I found them and used them and they are fabulous. So nice and thick. And they are 12 gallon instead of 12 with a circumference that is perfect for my current can. No need to bunch up or try and gather or make any other accommodations. The bags fit around the rim perfectly. I used the last one yesterday and decided that life was too short not to have more. So I worked a deal with Amazon to supply me with these fabulous luxury trash bags. They cost twice as much but bring me four times the joy.

The governor has a press conference at 10:30 this morning. No clue what it is about. He's gotten so that he spits these out a couple of times a week now and they cover a wide range of topics - some interesting and most not. Usually, however, they are in the afternoons. So now I'll need to click and see what the morning deal is.

After the press conference I may have to go out again. The corner market now has homemade cookies delivered 3 times a week and I need to check them out. They probably won't have any left but at least I can find out when the next shipment is coming in. And see if they have any pepperoni.

And that's it for today's big todo list. The baseball game is at 4.


A very smart, cool dude in Detroit bought my phone this morning off of Swappa! I love Swappa - for buying and selling. I made enough money off the sale to cover the cost of the new phone, the shipping of the Pixel 4, my lunch and I still have $25 left over.

I'm a happy camper!

I got the sold email just before 10. I had already packed the phone in a nice box with all the other stuff so I taped up the box and took it to the post office and had it into their bin before their 10:30 pickup. He should get it Monday. I paid extra for insurance in hopes it won't be needed.

Then I went to the bagel place to celebrate with a bagel/salmon/creamcheese/onion/tomato and capers sandwich.

I missed most of the governor's press conference and no one is reporting (on Twitter) what it was about so I'm guessing it was another yawner. By the time I got there, he was taking questions and just generally Trump bashing which I do not need to hear from my governor, thank you. I was impressed, however, when, at the very end, as he turned to leave, he tossed out a thank you in American Sign Language to the interpreter. It was more the way he did it, with exactly the same demeanor as if he had said it out loud. Just kind of a cool thing to see.

Now all the chores are done and it's time to eat my celebratory sandwich.