August 6th, 2020

Rainy day!

It's a rare rainy day here in Seattle. Don't laugh. We don't get rain in Summer. So this is a treat. Plus, it never stays hot with rain. It cools off very nicely. So the A/C is turned off and the door is open and Biggie is very confused. It's also really really quiet. 64 degrees

Today was a swim day and a good one. I love that this gym opens up 15 minutes before my swim time. That means I get a good 10 minutes extra which is kind of like a bonus.

The Mariners are playing their game in the afternoon today which is a nice little change.

So Biggie was due for annual shots in July. I called the vet and they said no hurry, I could put it off safely for months. And then I got two email reminders from them that he was due for shots. Their website makes it sound like they are only doing emergency, critical stuff. They've always been different but their different has stepped up a notch, I think.

Last night I sent an email asking if I should keep postponing and if not, how could I best get him in? (They don't do appointments but now have instituted this queue thing. You are supposed to call and they tell you what time to come in and queue up.) I immediately got an auto response saying it would be a couple of days because there was this pandemic and their co-worker got killed and they were very busy. Fine.

Two hours later I got a response from Alex saying that really, since he's indoors only, Biggie's shot could be postponed for a while but, he (Alex) had added me to the 8 am queue on Tuesday if I wanted to bring him in. That suits me perfectly so in he goes on Tuesday and I can quit worrying about it.

I keep leaving my phone in the car. It seems like I do it every single time. Today, when I left the locker room at the gym, I put the phone in my pocket but it was too heavy so I put it in my bag. I leave my swim bag in the car (and just bring up the wet stuff). So that's where my phone is. DOH.

So my todo list for today involves going down to the car to get my phucking phone. Also I guess it's time to bring up the diet Dr. Pepper that's been in the back now for nearly a month. And then I need to clear off some more hall shelf space for more yarn. And then... just the usual. It would be a good day to walk up and get burger for lunch but I have a house full of food that is already bought and paid for and ain't gettin' any younger.

Time to get on it.

I just did a crazy

I have a Pixel 4 phone (which has now been retrieved from the car). It's not even a year old yet. But I just bought its replacement. A Pixel 4a. Yes, the cheaper version of the one I already have. When it gets here, week after next, I'll sell the one I have to cover the cost.

The cheaper one is plastic so not as heavy. Yeah! It has a fingerprint reader. The new 'improved' version has a face reader which worked OK until March and now is pretty useless when you are standing in a store trying to pay and your phone won't unlock because you have on a freakin' mask. I need a fingerprint reader. The cheaper phone also has a headphone jack. I don't miss the headphone jack as much as I thought I might but it would be nice to have it back. And the cheaper phone has twice the storage.

The camera is not as good. But, plenty good enough for my purposes. The cheaper phone does not have wireless charging. I can live with that. Plus, if I can't, there are work arounds.

I have, for the past few years, bought a new phone every year - whatever Google announced in October was what I bought. But I think it's time for that to end. None of the rumors about the Pixel 5 impress me enough to even wait for the announcement.

So... it's crazy but I'm at peace with my decision.