August 2nd, 2020


Good sleep, followed by a good walk. I've started taking a hit off my albuterol inhaler before I hit the streets and I'm quite surprised how much it's helping my breathing while I walk. Crap. Another expensive inhaler to add to the lung maintenance tab. Oh well.

Then home for some coffee and out again to Trader Joe's Old People Hour. I went to the one on Capital Hill thinking the other one closest to me (Queen Anne) would have more old people. Next time, it Queen Anne. Most every Trader Joe's I've ever been in has two sterling qualities. Great music and really friendly staff. The one on Capital Hill is missing both of those items. The staff is surly boarding on mean and there is no music at all. Fuck that. I'll risk old people crowds next time.

But I got good stuff and, when I pick up the Costco bacon this week, I'll be set for another 2-3 weeks. so yeah.

Then I decided it was a good day for a McDonald's sausage biscuit. So I ordered one up on the phone and swung by there on my way home. I actually got 3 because they really do freeze and reheat beautifully and who knows when there might be a McDonald's sausage biscuit emergency???

Both my fridge and my freezer are finally getting down to where there is room to sort things appropriately and so find stuff when I want it. The freezer, particularly, was stuffed to the gills but now it's way better and more manageable.

By the time I got home, the sun was out full force. And the heat was on. This is what will prevent me from kitch shopping. Seriously. No way am I going down there - even on the scooter - to get more shit I do not need. Plus I have chores and baseball and my new project.


It will be a blanket (or maybe a jacket??) out of crocheted squares (the one on the right) and knitted ones (the one on the left). All using those subtle calming shades of yarn you see there.

Oh! Great news came yesterday. My condo is worth less! Last year, the tax value skyrocketed. And, so, did my real estate taxes. I got the annual notice yesterday and the value has now plummeted from $593,000 to $553,000. Not nearly low enough to suit me but at least going in the right direction. They will have dreamt up new taxes by the time the bill comes out in February so it likely will not be lower but it might be at least the same and not higher.

Tomorrow the social security $$ is supposed to hit the correct bank account. Their website says it will. I'll be delighted to send that particular drama llama on its way but, if it can happen once... I now have Check SSA on my calendar as a monthly todo.

I have a disturbing sense of things being all in place and excellent. It's disturbing because it probably means I'm missing something or disaster is right around the corner. I'd better finish reading the Sunday paper before it gets here.