June 24th, 2020

Big Day

The store that last week had the latest two murals painted on its plywood, today had the plywood down. There are still major splashes of pink paint on the wood window frames and sidewalk. But, if you want to shop for high end motorcycle clothes, it's the shop with the pink sidewalk.

On down the street is a kind of semi crossfit gym. I always thought the name was CVE and always that that was a very weird name. I even thought of calling them just to see how they pronounce it. But, turns out, today I learned from their NO OLD PEOPLE ALLOWED memo on the door that it's CUE.


I don't want to go to your stupid gym anyway, you young people!

Today is the day my house cleaner actually comes in a cleans! My plan is to be gone when she gets here until after she leaves. I have boxes to drop off at Amazon. And then, I am going to Goodwill. I totally get how risky that is and I don't care. Daiso and Uwajimaya (the Japanese dollar store and grocery store, respectively) are just down the street. I could get crazy and go one or both of those places, too. Probably not, but maybe.

Either way, Adventure!!

I am excited about getting some baseball. A little bit. A weird little bit... planting a guy on second base to start the inning in extra inning games??? That's whacko. BUT the cynic in me says it will all die of positive COVID cases before the first pitch. So my hopes and down here on the ground where they will be safe.

spendy mc-spender, that's me

4 stops and a total of $90.


But first. OHHHHH such a clean house. It smells so clean. It looks so clean. I was thinking I was doing a fine job and probably I don't need a house cleaner any more. I was so wrong. It's just heaven to have all bits of this house clean and polished. Well, worth the cost and inconvenience.

Sending out a huge thank you to everyone who never told me about Krispy Kreme's new minis. They are wonderful and could be a huge issue for me. I need to forget all about them now.

At Goodwill, I went to the donation driveway and quickly discovered that I would not be donating today. They opened donations a while ago. I took a load myself a month or so ago, but today was a new can o' worms. They had half the parking lot staked out with cones so the donation traffic could snake through. I sat in my car before the store open and counted. There were more than 80 cars (I couldn't see part of the line) lined up waiting to donate. I did not add to the mayhem. My stuff is still in my car.

But it was heaven to wander around the store. Way less crowded than usual and everyone was masked and considerate. I had plates and bowls on my list and scored both. I've taken to 'renting' plates from Goodwill. I get a half dozen for maybe $5 and use them for a few months, get more, donate the originals to Goodwill. I cannot find the perfect plates so this is my way. I also scored some lovely knit fabric.

Then on to Uwajimaya which is across the street from Daiso. And for now, the parking is all free! So I went into both. Not pictured above are the only two blue Stickies they had. I got them but stashed them quickly before Biggie spied them. Other than the preferred colored Stickie, they had a healthy inventory of their usual stuff and, again, no crowds! I got a poke bowl for lunch and sushi for dinner in the grocery. And I was done.

Also my hips are done. My stamina is fer shit. I was whipped. The cams at home said that Amira wasn't done yet so I drove around my neighborhood.

When I was a kid we drove all over Germany. We knew about 5 German words. All the inns and hotels had signs up saying Zimmer Frei! We knew zimmer was room and frei was free. We could not noodle out why they weren't charging for rooms at these hotels!

Today as I drove around my neighborhood I was thinking about the visitor who arrived today after living under a rock for the last month and would wonder why there were so many stores called Black Lives Matter.

Now I am home and lunched and rested. I think I'll wash the new dishes and put the rest of the stuff away and put my feet up for the rest of the afternoon.

Good day and I do feel safe. But, I don't feel the need to do it again any time soon.

Prove it!

hopefulspirit left a comment on another entry that still has me giggling now hours later...

How are they going to keep old people out of places?? Are they going to card you at entry?

I see a potential market for fake ID's ... pssss, I need proof, I'm under 65, can ya do me?