June 22nd, 2020

Such a busy week ahead!!

I have a new computer coming today. New shoes tomorrow. The house cleaner on Wednesday. Lordknows what will happen Thursday. Hahaaa Action central around here.

After weeks of nothing happening, this does feel like a lot of action. I actually have several deliveries coming today. I just read one LJ friend's entry about how he prefers store shopping to buying online. I could not be further from him on that pole. Long before any virus. I love the keyboard hunt, the infinite inventory, the ease of buying, the anticipation of delivery.

(I do get, however, that those who do not shop on line professionally, like me, can be easily misled. I've fallen for scams but know from experience which online shops will be on my side if trouble ensues. I also know which sites make returns dead simple and which ones I really need to order correctly the first time. Experience, I haz it.)

I actually have several deliveries coming today of various kinds. So yeah!

There were lots of people out this morning. I sometimes see one or two. Usually the homeless folk who sleep around here. But today, I saw them, plus a couple of others clearly on their way to work and a group of three people just out for a walk and my neighbor and his two dogs! This was between 6 and 6:30 am. I had to put my mask on more than once. It was pretty wild.

The sun is out and the heat is on. It is 94 degrees on my terrace (which faces directly east) and would be heating up my living room except for my wonderful air conditioner.

Already I've fallen into several different internet rabbit holes this morning. I need to step away from the screen and at least get a shower and brush my teeth. So I'm doing that right now.

OMG Biggie is outside in the sun. Is he thinking he needs a tan??? I need to get an insulation sheet over his cat door so he can come and go and the hot air cannot. Oh Amazon! look sharp, I'm heading your way.

Consumer Reports

I'm a consumer and here's my report.

The yogurt covered pretzels I got from Trader Joes this weekend were a big step down from what they used to be or at least what my tongue remembers.

And I keep trying to find cold, summer food like wraps and salads there that are good and I keep failing. The latest try was Peanut Udon Noodle Salad. Ugh. Oh well, now I know. Happily I had an ice cream bar in the freezer which chased away that ugh taste.

I think I found my new walking shoes. As usual, I got a bunch of different options. There was an issue with each pair - too short, too long, ugh! what's that thing rubbing??!, etc. Until I hit the Goldilocks pair.

I'll pop the rest back in the box and tape on the label and take them down to the garage in a bit so that UPS can pick them up tomorrow.

Screenshot 2020-06-22 at 10.17 .49 AM.png

And finally, the computer. I don't love it. But, I don't hate it. It is huge. 15" compared to my little 11+" one. The monitor sucks. The Pixelbook has probably the sharpest clearest picture of any computer ever. And this Samsung has probably the muddiest. But it's otherwise pristine. Amazon Warehouse promised significant cosmetic blemishes. I cannot find a one. They do this to me all the time. I've ordered tons of used stuff from them and only one time was I ever able to see a blemish or anything else wrong. And that was on a litter box. Who cares? Not me. The warehouse prices are always good - sometimes half.

So I will keep this. And if I don't open up the Pixelbook too often, maybe I'll get used to the screen. It sure is huge. Spreadsheet heaven.

Time to tape boxes.