June 21st, 2020

The power of persuasion

The other day, the top of one of my feet itched like crazy when I got home from my walk. The next day it was worse. I blamed it on the worn out shoes. Then I talked to my brother. He said he had taken Losartin - the same Losartin I take - and it caused him to itch all over. He stopped taking it and the itching was gone in 3 days. Today, after my walk, the tops of both my feet itched so badly I had to put cold compresses on them.

Is it Losartin? Or my imagination? Probably the latter but we're going to test. I take it for hypertension. So I ordered up a blood pressure monitor. I'm going to monitor my blood pressure for a week. Then stop the Losatin for a week and compare. Yeah, I could just ask my doctor to switch me to a non-itcher but what's the fun in that???

Then I was reading my LJ Friends list and somedayseattle mentions spiral bound church cookbooks. OMG These were such a thing - all over the South and, also the Midwest. Maybe they still are but not in Seattle. And they were always so good.

So, off to eBay. Lots of options. I finally decided on a $10 set of three from Indiana. This is cracking me up since I really do not like to cook and have a whole internet of recipes if that changes.

Today's other thrills will include taking a load of garbage and recycling down to the dumpster. Oh and finishing the reading of the morning paper - tree version. I'm enjoying dragging it out.

I made myself a proper 2 eggs/potatoes/toast/and bacon breakfast this morning so there's that to clean up.

Thrills and chills around here as usual.

Biggie's gathering strength.


Let the record show...

Trader Joe's Lemon Chess Pie tastes EXACTLY like those made by the church ladies for after the fish frys of my youth. Fucking delicious.

Now if someone would only fry me up some fish and hushpuppies. No? well, ok.

I have pie.

I did not eat any yet. I cut it up for the freezer and licked the knife. OMG. So good.

Also delicious but not within the same hour is their cold pressed orange juice. I love fresh squeezed orange juice. I hate all other orange juices except this.

So yeah, my own personal Trader Joe's delivery arrived and I am in food heaven.