June 18th, 2020

Sorry Joe, Maybe I'll feel more Trader-y next week.

Yeah, no Trader Joe's today. I added more to my TJ list and then I decided I had enough groceries for now. My freezer is kind of full, too. So, another time.

I might go out today, though. For lunch. I'm seriously considering ordering up a sandwich from my favorite bagel place for pick up. Maybe.

Once upon a time, some friends from New Zealand came to visit and brought a box of goodies. In the box was some hand cream that I fell passionately in love with. It goes on so smoothly and absorbs immediately and smells wonderful. The problem is that it is made in Australia and sold only there and New Zealand. The stuff is nearly impossible to get here. When msconduct and Tashia came, they brought me some. The friends who gave me the original sent me more once. I scored some on eBay once but, I'm now getting worried. I still have a little but none in the pipeline. None on eBay.

So I ordered up some from a New Zealand website. The shipping, of course, is more than the handcream but, hey, it has to come a long way and is still cheaper than my going to pick it up even if the cornovirus would let me. The order went through and my card was charged and then, 3 days later, I get a note from the place saying they have canceled my order as they are not allowed to ship it out of the country.

Holy fuck it's hand cream!!

Last night, I went on the hunt again. This time on Australian websites. Found one that had it and would ship it to the US. So I ordered up. This time, the shipping was actually far more reasonable. And, a few hours later I got a tracking number!! It looks like this time, it may get here some day!

It is not rational, my attachment to this damn handcream. But it is what it is.

I did a deep dive into my finances yesterday and was surprised, actually, to discover how much money this whole virus thing has saved me. I totally get that I am a financial snowflake. The stay at home, work reduction, closing all things, did not impact my income at all but, apparently, made a big dent in my spending. But, not really in any one area and not in any really explainable way. My Amazon spending, always ridiculously high, is even a little lower. I'm not saving a bundle on gas, because I don't ever really spend that much on gas. Grocery costs are down but also restaurant costs. It's fine but weird.

Oh one big pot o' savings is cable TV. With no baseball, no need for the pricey package. Although that may actually be about to change. There's serious talk about starting up the third week in July so that may mean some extra costs. I'm perfectly fine with that.

It's already getting warm in here. This could end up being an air conditioner day.

Biggie is contemplating...


See the top? Now look WAY WAY over it...

I was a fan of Project Runway as long as I could fast forward through the bits where they bitched about each other. But the remake on Prime with Heidi and Tim turned out not to be palatable (and wasn't renewed - validation!).

I love the Great British Baking Show and, of course the Sewing Bee but today I found The Big Flower Fight on Netflix.

OMG It's like a parody - and not a good one - of all competition shows. I should have gleaned a clue with the name 'Fight' in the title. But, seriously, it you were teaching a class in how to do a competition show and you started of with a list of all the things not to do, you'd have this show. It makes me want to go back and watch more of that Heidi and Tim mess.

I did go out and pick up my sandwich. I love how this place does it. Order online. Then go. You get a text when it's ready. You don't even have to go inside. They hand over the bag of your goods and off you go.I also got a loaf of their very excellent rye bread.

I bought a bigger chromebook. I wanted a 15" one but I didn't want to spend the money. I finally found several that would do the trick and set up a bot (Keepa) to tell me when one of them got below $200. Well, it happened today. It's a refurb from Amazon Warehouse. The description says blemishes on the sides. If it's too banged up, back it goes but I've never had any problem with Amazon Warehouse stuff and refurb, to me, just means it passed QA twice and I get it cheap. It will be here Monday.

Yesterday I made a batch of twice baked potatoes. I had one for dinner last night. YUM. The rest went into the freezer.

Today I need to make some more breakfast biscuits. Since I have no plans to finish this stupid flower show, I think I'll just whip those biscuits up now.