June 16th, 2020



I gather by the paper and tape that the artist isn't finished yet. But more progress here than the other two partials on my route. This morning's route was swizzled a bit because there were 3 guys on a narrow strip of sidewalk. They looked like they were partially camped there and the fact that they were not wearing masks was not the most uncomfortable bit of a possible passage. I was able to just change the path to avoid them but it was really the highest number of people concentrated in one spot that I've seen on my walk.

We're running out of cool days here. I'm particularly watching the morning 'walk' temps. By the weekend they are projected to be 10 degrees cooler than this morning. If, in my weather app, I swipe to the right, however, I see the week's highs and lows for the town where my brother lives. The lows in his week match the highs in mine. So, in comparison, I'm fine.

Nothing going on today. I've got a new project - a blanket of various knitted squares. This is the first one.


It's fun to 'shop' for the next colors off my newly organized hallway shelves.

So today will be a cliche day - jest an old lady with her knittin' and her kittin'