June 15th, 2020


I've been having not fun dreams lately. Dreams where I fail at something important. Or forget something important. Or disappoint people. They aren't bad dreams but they are disconcerting. I've generally been pretty much a success in my dreams and it's a bit dismaying to suffer this drop in performance. But, then I wake up and it's just the same old me - sometimes a winner and sometimes a failure.

New not finished yet mural started...


So that makes 3 - started but not finished - on my morning walk. Today is a rainy day so I suspect there will be no progress.

I shopped yesterday for a new chromebook. A bigger one. A different one. But, fortunately, I caught myself before 'buy'. I do not need a new chromebook. This one is fine. I did order some Mariner face masks. I figure I'll be wearing face masks forever and a Mariners theme is good. I am limited in what I can make to the fabric choice available. The commercial mask makers don't have the limits. So I indulged. Much cheaper than a chromebook.

I made a macaroni salad yesterday with the produce from the grocery. It turned out to be pretty delicious. Happily I made a bunch. And when putting away the groceries, I found two slices of that magnificent pizza of a week or so ago. Lunch or dinner is going to be yum.

No plans for today at all. I have some good TV to watch and I'm reading a great book - Good Girl, Bad Girl by Michael Robotham. And I have knitting to do and no reason or desire to go anywhere.

Biggie says: Same


OMG is the universe trying to vote on my decision???

Back in the olden days - BV - when Amira came to clean, I'd leave and go over to the Goodwill Store where I'd drop off my donations and then wander around the store archaeologist style - uncovering treasures and marveling at what people donated and wondering about former lives of things.

They shut their doors at the same time the Governor said Amira could no longer come to my house to clean.

A week from Wednesday is my normal house cleaner day. I've been going back and forth about it here way too much but in my head about 30 times as much. Amira has grown children with families and I'm sure she's spending time with them. But, I'm pretty sure she would never come here if she thought she had the virus or knew someone who did. But, still...

However. Just now. I got a text. That next Monday. The Seattle Goodwill store will reopen!!!

Ok, yes, it's crazy. But, I'm now seriously considering having her come clean and going to Goodwill. Carefully. But going. This will be my head debate for the next 10 days. Head. Not journal.