June 4th, 2020

Another day at home

I slept really good last night and added a block to my morning walk. I am noticing more and more people and more and more traffic on my walks. We are still on a Stay at Home Level 1 here in King County. But, I kind of get the feeling, especially with the protests, that no one is paying much attention any more.

Yesterday afternoon the city proclaimed a 9pm-5pm curfew through Saturday morning. Last night about 8:30 pm they called it off.

I saw an interesting tweet yesterday "The precipitous fall for governors and mayors from heroic local leaders handling a COVID pandemic to embattled managers of widespread protests is pretty stunning."

I agree.

I'm also going to try and reswizzle my news. I resubscibed to the Seattle Times and I'm no longer going to get sucked into hours of watching the protesters on TV. I have four news tabs open on my second screen - NY Times, Seattle Times, and two local neighborhood blogs that offer particularly insightful coverage of local news.

Moving on.

In the olden days we had checking accounts and savings accounts. And they were two different things for two different purposes. It finally dawned on me today that the olden days are gone. I have a high interest savings account with an ATM card from which I can pay off credit cards. I only ever pay with credit cards and, very occasionally cash. I don't need another account. (I actually do have checking and savings accounts at a local credit union but that's for backup and if I ever need to walk into a bring and mortar bank - like with a giant wad of cash or something.) Interesting how things change.

Today I'm back to the sewing room. Another dress. I'm very happy with the new clothes and particularly happy that I'm making a substantial dent into my heretofore embarrassing fabric stash.

But first, I'm in desperate need of a shower.

And, in case you are wondering... the love of Stickie endures