June 3rd, 2020

This n' That

CES (started out as Consumer Electronics Show but then just went to initials) has just announced it will hold its annual gynormous convention in Las Vegas next year in January as usual but maybe cleaner. I went for a few years and enjoyed it enormously. Without a Cornonovirus vaccine, I'm not sure I'd attend even virtually. Even with a vaccine, I think it's taking a huge chance. I cannot imagine a more infected environment. Yikes.

Having said that... I saw yesterday that the Goodwill stores in a county not too far away have reopened and I'm so tempted. Fortunately, it's far enough away that I really would never go but still, I miss Goodwill shopping more than is reasonable. It's funny because I really don't miss grocery shopping. Or any other kind of shopping. I'm not tired of being confined to the house, either.

Watching all those crowds protesting less than a half mile from here was very startling at first, from a virus prospective. Now I kind of look at them as canaries. I so hope they all stay healthy.

Our Stay at Home orders have been kind of lifted but also now we have a 9pm-5am curfew through Saturday. It's a soft curfew. If you are out during those hours, not causing trouble (and, probably not being black), you'll be left alone. What a mess.

Me? I'll be right here in massive stronger-every-day head in the sand mode.

I'm going to spend another day in the sewing room. When I'm in the living room, these days, I have a tendency to turn on the TV for news. Since I no longer get any cable news channels, it's mostly only local news. When I'm in the sewing room, I sometimes listen to podcasts but mostly listen to nothing - the sound of the sewing machines, the sound of Biggie knocking something over, the sound of my own cursing when the iron hits my fingers or I get something wrong. It's a lovely respite. Plus I get new clothes there.

I think I'll head back there now.