June 1st, 2020

Thank you, Twitter

Last month, I set up my IBM pension check to go to BECU. It always arrives on the 1st of the month like freakin' clockwork. Always. And this morning it wasn't there. I went to the IBM site and they said it was there but BECU said no. I decided to wait a day. Credit Unions have different rules than straight up banks.

Then, minutes ago, BECU tweeted that it was the Federal Reserve! They had an issue overnight that impacted ACH file processing and it everything should be in order by 9 this morning. How about that? I'll bet old codger ex IBMers around the globe are pestering their banks this morning like crazy. Ha. (Just checked and the money has now safely landed.)

I only saw one police car this morning. He was parked at the stadium. Last night there were far fewer sirens but a lot more helicopters. It just all feels sad outside.

But inside... no more rain so no more leaking. Looks like the next rain is next weekend. Hopefully, by then, the leak repair guys will have a plan. They have a lot of experience with leaks in this building and, apparently, with this leak in particular.

I just turned the page on my wall calendar of beautiful Down Under scenery that Scott, in New Zealand, sends me every year. And, there on June 30, is his note "Kiwis arrive in Seattle!!" Sigh. Maybe next year.

I have another dress cut out and ready to sew. I said I would make 4 and this will be the 3rd. The 4th will be a patchwork-ish version. But I might hold off on it a little. Initially, I said I'd only be wearing them in the house but I think I was wrong. They look nice. And are so comfortable. I just think they will be my Summer uniform.

And, where am I going to go anyway??


Keeping Track

I was just reading an article that alluded to a John Gresham book I did not know about. I love a good John Gresham so I went to look, sure enough, it's a second in a series and came out in March. So I went to look and see if I had read the first one. This is why, as much as I hate Goodreads, I track everything I read or reject there. Turns out I read the first one 3 years ago... I have absolutely no memory of the book or writing this review but it cracked me up. Apparently I was not ambivalent.

"I did not finish this book. It did not deserve my time and energy. The plot was like swiss cheese. The narrative was ridiculous. The characters could have been interesting then then he made them do/stay stupid stuff over and over again. Something tragic must have happened to his editor preventing him from working on the manuscript. Really, honestly, there is absolutely NOTHING right about this book. Oh and I listened to the audible version and the reader was not good either."

So... even though the second one has a different narrator, I think I'll skip it.

I ran into the building manager this morning. He had told me via email that he'd contact the team that handles leaks this morning. In the hallway he said that instead he's turned it over to the board because they are working on a terrace resurfacing project. I told him that while my unit does not have damage, more rain will cause it and I wanted it fixed before that happened. He said he understood and would follow up.

The last time I had a leak into my unit, I reported it to the building manager and trusted it would be taken care of. After more rain, damage to my unit, having them cut a whole in my terrace ceiling that lasted a year and after a total of more than 3.5 years after my original email, the leak was plugged and my unit was restored. I did not follow up diligently that time or keep good records or bitch loud enough. Those mistakes will not be repeated.

I have the emails I sent the building manager and to them I have added a timeline of information - what I've been told, when and where. I will give him a week to get back to me. If I hear nothing, I'll ping him again, and copy the board president.

This time I'm keeping track.

I finished my dress du jour. This afternoon I need to get on that stupid treadmill. I may do that next so I can enjoy the rest of my day.

This just in

They announced this afternoon that the city wide curfew that was at 5 pm the last two days is 6 pm tonight. Twitter shows crowds mobilizing in various spots, the closest is about a half mile from here at City Hall. There's been a helicopter parked overhead for the last hour and then we just go this:

Attention All Residents,

The Alliance for Pioneer Square is reaching out to all buildings in the PSQ district to advise that an unauthorized protest that is expected to be gathering downtown this afternoon is planning to march to PSQ. The construction sites in PSQ are sending their workers home and businesses that do have staff are doing the same. It is not possible to know for sure if this protest will end up with the violence and destruction that occurred in the Seattle downtown retail core on Saturday and Bellevue downtown retail core on Sunday.

To help secure the Florentine’s residential floors, we are prepared to lock down both elevators at 6:00 P.M. We realize this is not ideal and for any resident who has a dog to walk it may be a large inconvenience. However, in the event the lobby doors or windows are breached it is the only way to secure the residential floors. We are taking this action out of an overabundance of caution. We thank you for your cooperation during this time.


Florentine Manager and Board of Directors

Since I don't have a dog to walk and I had already canceled my plans to go clubbing, I am actually pretty grateful for this protection. I have an Amazon delivery (the same one that was supposed to be delivered Saturday then Sunday then today) supposed to be delivered before 8. If it gets here, it can sit down in the garage. I can easily walk down the 8 flights. I can probably manage to walk up 2 of them but I don't fancy sleeping in the stairwell.

So I'll just hang right here.


Condo owners, in general, are cantankerous and not built for communal living over which they do not personally have total control. I'll betcha the board members and building managers are in their units tonight applying bandages and drinking heavily.

I still am grateful they tried.


Attention All Residents,

A large protest is occurring in the downtown Seattle retail district. It was marching down 2nd Ave for a while but after turning up to City Hall for about an hour the protestors are now moving back towards Westlake. Since it does not appear that PSQ will be impacted there will be no need to lock down the elevators. Again, we understand the concerns some residents raised. This was only considered as a security measure to restrict access to residential floors if there was a risk of entry into the lobby.


Florentine Manager and Board of Directors