May 23rd, 2020

Can you see me now?

I really need to get my eyes fixed. Glasses or contacts or something. The computer gets more and more difficult to see every day. I end up hunched over it just to read the words. I just ordered the cheapest readers that Amazon has to offer.

My right eye has a lens for seeing things far away and my left eye's lens is for close up things. So readers with both lenses magnified the same amount does me zero good. Hopefully, I can remove one of the lens of these readers and come out with a makeshift solution that will hold me until I can get to the eye doctor.

So yesterday, it was chilly in here and I shut the door to the terrace and apologized to Biggie. He loves being on that terrace but I was getting cold. Then about an hour later I did a doubletake. Biggie was out on the terrace??!!! WTF?

Ha! totally forgot about the cat door. Which he now loves. Later on we had a gynomrous wind and rain storm. And he sat, for the longest time, with his nose out his door and the rest of him inside. It cracked me up.


The yarn on the hallway shelves is perfect. I could have put it all on one shelf but I have more coming so I left room. But, I do like the look. And it is, for sure, handy!


Changes are still happening at the baseball park. Since January, they've had the entrance closest to me fenced off but this morning the fences were gone.

Nothing on the agenda today. The big ticket item may well be taking the garbage down to the dumpster. I may hold off on that thrill until after lunch.

Now is shower time.

No bones about it

I like chicken - just regular old chicken - fried or baked. I particularly likde chicken thighs. But I demand chicken skin. Skinless chicken falls in the WTF category for me. Bones, I'm not so happy about. Boneless chicken with the skin on is the unicorn of the meat department in grocery stores.

Back when I had a chef come in once or month or so, one of the things I loved the most was when she'd leave me a bunch of chicken thighs, skin on, bones out. It was a treat and a treasure.

Today I had a thawed chicken thigh in the fridge and I got it out to dress it up for baking and thought... hmmm I should look up and see just how difficult deboning this baby might be... But, the computer is over there... Let's just examine this...

And, before you know it, that bone was out. I later looked on youtube and found a biscillion videos showing how to do exactly what I had done. Go me. And yeah. It was not hard at all. Next time I get a load o' thighs they are getting boned before they go into the freezer.

I'm not a movie buff. I gave up movie theaters long ago. I'm fine with TV but movies just don't do it for me. I've watched a couple recently. One this afternoon and I came to a realization. When the movie starts, these days, you get a good 5 minutes or more of logos and animated gifts and sounds - one after another produced by, an xxx production, in conjunction with yyy, and with the help of JJJ and so on and so on and so on that by the time I get to the actual movie I'm already pissed. The first 5 minutes of the movie had better be gold or I'm outta there. I ain't got time for a that shit.

I was organizing my phone this afternoon when I happened on the LA Fitness app and opened it for old times sake. Turns out, in several states, they have reopened or will be reopening this week. Not here, of course. But they had a video about what to expect where they are reopening. It was pretty well done and had a lot of information. But the big news was that one of the areas of the gym NOT opening soon was the pool. They didn't say why, they just had it on the list. Basketball courts, kids areas, pool... I have no reason to be shocked or surprised but I am sad. I do miss it. Lots.

My walks are ok. I don't even resent them. I get up and get out the door before I can even decide whether or not to go. I walk the same route every day for the same reason. No thinking. Just one foot in front of the other. I listen to my book. It takes me 20 minutes and it's .9 of a mile.

But, I'd so much rather swim that .9.