May 21st, 2020

More yarn cometh

Twice now, I've let my guard down and ordered yarn. I have yarn. But I ordered more yarn. I'm hopeless. Both yarn orders - one from England and one from New Jersey - arrive today. On the up side, I do have room for them in my yarn boxes but still. Silly me.

At least yarn is something I do use... every single day.

Today is actually a day that might need a sweater. I was raining on my walk this morning. Not hard but steady. It was nice.

Yesterday, I did a couple of back stretches - one mid-morning and one mid-afternoon. It sure did make my back feel better. But, they need to be done on the floor and getting up from the floor is so treacherous. Probably it is more beneficial in the long run to practice getting up from the floor than even stretches done while I'm down there.

I really really really do wish I could swim again.

This morning I discovered that I could pony CBS All Access on the back of my Showtime subscription and save a couple of bucks. Nice. I need CBS All Access for The Good Fight. This time next month, all of the Good Fight episodes will have dropped and I can get it for a month. On the calendar. I do love saving a couple of bucks.

Nothing on the calendar for today - just the usual. Oh I do need to vacuum the terrace but the rest of the house is pretty darned tidy.

I have books to read and TV to watch and stuff to knit. Things are fine and dandy here in this little safe house.

My yarn runneth over

This is 3/4ths of my new yarn...


The final forth is still a couple of weeks away. I spent a long time organizing and planning and making a spreadsheet of what colors I have. I mean I spent maybe 2 hours getting it all documented and organized. This cracks me up. I do this with TV shows, too. I'll do a bunch of research about what I want to see and where it's streaming and then makes lists and notes and go to each app and put it on My List or put the dates they will be available on the calendar.

Planning and documenting, that's my jam. Good times.

What's not good is that I am nearly out of popcorn!! I recently got a small Ecolution Original Microwave Micro-Pop Popcorn Popper

The top is a little measuring cup and then once the popcorn is in the pot, you put the lid on and put butter on it which drips down onto the popcorn as it pops. It's FABULOUS. It makes just enough for an afternoon snack so that's what I've been having but now, I only have about 3 afternoons' worth left! Crisis!!

And, then, if that discovery wasn't enough of a shock, I just realized I have not yet watched this week's Sewing Bee!

So now I am going to go waterpik the popcorn bits out of my teeth, vacuum the terrace (yeah this day has just gotten away from me) and then sit down and watch the bee.