May 20th, 2020

Yesterday's victory

When I sit on the toilet, my eyes just fall onto the baseboards and how dirty they are. I've gone over them with the hand held vac but that never seems to get it. Yesterday, I got down on the floor with paper towels, a putty knife and a wire brush, 409 and lighter fluid and l, and let me tell you, today those baseboards fucking SHINE!

So even though I never really go anywhere anyway and am as happy now staying home as I was in December, this Stay At Home has even gotten to me. I love to pee now because I can go admire my work of yesterday. The world is different.

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I was delighted to discover that a show I found and enjoyed on Acorn last year, has a season 2! Strking Out is just a lovely little Irish legal drama with great characters. So that's what I'll be doing a lot of today.

Curtis Sittenfeld's new book Rodham is out. Or at least the audible version hit my library today. It's a novel speculating about what would have happened if Hillary had not married Bill. Sittenfeld's novel American Wife - about Laura Bush was fascinating. I'm looking forward to this new one. I'm finishing up the first Vera Stanhope. It's so slow and plodding that I'm shocked at how much I'm enjoying it.A

A number of restaurants are announcing that they are closing forever around here. One hamburger/brewery place across from the baseball stadium announced last week. This morning I noticed they had removed much of the structure that was really more tents and tables. The parking lot is now a pay lot and there's a For Lease sign out.

On the other hand a wonderful burger joint that announced they were moving into my neighborhood just before everything shut down, still posts the occasional photo of how they are renovating their new location. My fingers remain crossed for them.

The Tree That I Hate seems to have twice as many leaves on it as usual this year. I actually don't hate it as much. If I'm not going to be able to stalk my neighbors in the apartment across the way, I might as well have nice, thick, green 'wallpaper'.