May 18th, 2020


The allergy pill finally hit me about 8:30 last night. I fell into a coma and woke up this morning. Actually could have been allergy could have been psychosomatic. Didn't matter anyway. I had a lovely sleep. My boyfriend was back at work this morning. I got the smile and wave. All is right with the world.

Last night I heard on the news that someone is putting together a book about all the Covid art on boarded up buildings around town. YEAH! Sadly I do not even know which channel I was listening to and now, of course, cannot find any info. If there are websites worse than local TV channel websites, I sure haven't found them. The only one that is even remotely palatable is our local Fox affiliate and they don't do news on weekends. It was either the CBS affiliate or the NBC affiliate both of which have websites to match their broadcasts. A massive pile o' shit with a small number of lovely daisies sprinkled in where you cannot find them.

But, anyway, I'm delighted that someone is recording the murals for posterity.

Today's agenda brings my new desk. It's coming via USPS which, particularly on Mondays, means 9:30ish or 5:30ish or somewhere in between. It's not like my schedule is packed today so no biggie either way.

I finalized my grocery order and set it for pick up tomorrow morning. I have until midnight tonight to remember what I forgot.

Today is Living Room/Terrace clean up day. The desk area is probably the biggest mess. But the terrace needs the vacuum. All totally doable.

I think I'll kick off today's festivities with a shower. Now.

Well, this day has flown...

I did get the living room mostly picked up but mainly what I did was clean out one giant drawer and so got more room to put other stuff away. Funny how one empty drawer can fix a whole room. All around my printer also needs organized but mainly dusted. I was going to do it today but it's a whole thing involving moving the printer and releasing gynormous dust bunnies. I cannot do it without my N95 mask which is down in the car.

So, tomorrow. But getting that all cleaned up will give me room for paper storage which will tidy up a whole other area. Nice.

And then I made more breakfasts. And then I decided to do something with these three old potatoes. I bought them each originally to bake. But they got old and wrinkly and their eyes got eyes and then cataracts.They were long past a simple bake but, heck, nothing wrong with old things... look at me! So I diced them up and boiled them and mashed them and added cheese (I love cheesy mashed potatoes) and portioned them out. 3 in the freezer and 1 for dinner tonight.

Then my next desk came. It is exactly the size I wanted. Exactly. And it is 1.5-2 inches too high. And it slopes. I can fix the slope by drilling new holes and putting the bottom assembly on exactly backwards from where it is now. But, then it won't slip under the couch as nicely. And I can fix the height by taking off the wheels. But, I like the wheels. So, maybe I'll just live with it just like it is. It does lift up higher so it will be perfect for video conferencing.

Time to watch a little TV and do a little knitting...