May 14th, 2020

On hold again

For a variety of unrelated reasons, I've spent a lot of time on the phone with customer service lately - various products and services. Now I'm on hold again. I wonder why jazz is always the music of choice for telephone holds.

My walk this morning was decorated with a nice light, nearly misty, rain. It was lovely.

I got all involved last night looking for a bigger desk situation online. Work From Home people have, apparently stripped the supply chain but also there isn't that much to pick from - a regular 24" kind of TV tray type or a flat out 40" desk. And the desks aren't that suitable for rolling up to the couch like I need. I found a couple but they were ugly and/or $800. I put one in my Amazon cart and then went to bed. This morning, it has lost all of its appeal. So I'm back to my little TV tray.

All that table shopping led me to forget to watch this week's British Sewing Bee which gives me a treat to look forward to today.

And that's really all I got today. These weeks seem, to me, to be just flipping by. I heard somewhere that time passes quickly when it is all the same which is why it seems to go faster, for some, with aging. I don't mind, really. I don't feel like I'm missing anything nor am I bored or discontent in any way. But, Thursday? It really does feel like Monday was yesterday.

Two new words!!

I figured out how to use my phone's live caption feature to give me closed caption for the British Sewing Bee!! And so I learned two new words.

Someone's project was a clanger. Initially Google tried to tell me that it was a pastry with savory in one end and sweet in the other. Yeah, no. So I kept digging and discovered that the project was actually an epic fail. Clanger. It has such a great sound. A sound that matches the meaning.

And I also learned that a light weight hooded rain jacket is called a cagoule. I have never in my life heard of a cagoulie. I actually have one that I keep in my car.

Thank you, my phone. Instead of frustrated and confused, I'm now smarter!