May 8th, 2020

The Prodigal Boyfriend Returns

Yes. He was back at his post this morning. A smile and a wave. Just like old times. I thought about chastising him for leaving me in the lurch for two days but I decided to just rejoice in his return instead.

I got an email update from the clinic where my doctors are today. It had the usual waste of words about Covid-19 blah blah blah but it did mention they were starting elective surgeries on May 18. I'm hoping this means I can get an eye appointment soon-ish. I could call and ask. And I might.

Today's project is to find another bank. I recently moved my accounts from Capital One to Simple. Capital One has pissed me off for a variety of reasons. And there's a lot to like about Simple. One big thing was that it had a higher interest rate than Capital One. Until they dropped that interest rate this week. And other problems. So shopping again. I have a great credit union account that I've had for a long time. But, they don't pay squat for interest.

I need to do some research and rethink how I want to move funds around. To that's today's project.

Oh and also I need to find a new book. The one I started a couple of days ago just is not getting the job done.

At least I don't have Mother's Day to worry about. Since I am not one and mine is now long dead, contrary to what my email, twitter, instagram and even LJ thinks, I do not have to think about it, worry about it, get creative about it or even consider it. Sunday will be just another 24 hours in the land of the killer virus. Oh, wait, no... Sunday will bring another episode of Billions!

Along that line, I tried, again, last night to lock into Succession. People keep comparing it to Billions and man, except, they both have money as one of the plot lines, there is nothing to compare. Succession has absolutely no characters that are even interesting, bad dialog and lots of long stretches of video shot in the dark. Billions has fabulous characters - even the bad guys are fun and interesting - snappy dialog and lots to look at.

My brother reports that Homeland is good and I haven't seen any of it so ... next up...

But, first, I need to get dressed.

success in three

Normally, I wait until the other choice is root canal before I call an 800 number - or, really, any number. My hatred of talking on the phone gets worse all the time.

But, I had two questions that I could not find answers for online and wanted to know right now so I called the Discover 800 number and steeled myself for a many branched tree and a long wait.

It started ringing, I took a big bite out of my salad and clicked on a website and then heard 'This is Kim at Discover in Arizona, how can I help you today?' WTF???? I had a mouthful of food left to chew! I garbled an apology. She answered both my questions - no muss, no fuss, and I was done before time for the next bite.

Holy crap.

Then, I went to the Social Security website to change the bank on my direct deposit and it wouldn't let me. It said I had to call. Oh Fuck. This is payback for the Discover call. So I called. There was a good 5 minutes of Covid-19 disclaimers and instructions on what to do if you didn't get your relief check. And then it wanted me to tell it what I wanted. The website had said to say 'help desk' so I did. It told me the wait was 2 minutes. It was wrong. The woman answered immediately.

She was fun and nice and efficient and fixed me up right away.

What is this world coming to???

And then I finished lunch which was my 3rd win of the day. Yesterday I had some left over spam and somehow got macaroni salad in my head. But, I only had penne pasta so I cooked it up and cut in in half - like macaroni without the elbow. Spam, cucumber, spring onion, grapes - mayo and sour cream. It was good yesterday but today it was amazing!!

Now I'm going to watch a silly movie and then talk to my brother and his sons on Zoom at 4:30. Nice Day-Before-it-Gets-Africa-Hot here.