May 6th, 2020

Biggie has decided

Biggie has never been a fan of wet food. He used to dabble when I'd set some out for The Smalls. Since The Smalls has gone, I've tried a variety of ways to convince him that wet food is good and he's just not having it. No brand, no texture, no flavor. He might lick some off the top but otherwise, ignores it.

So I give up. I'm reclaiming the shelf space formerly housed by cans and packets of wet cat food. There's actually not much left. When seattlejo and I finally get together for our planned AV brunch, I'll hand over a bag of the remainder and so ends smelly, yucky, disgusting cat food.

I'm delighted to be a dry kibble house. Biggie continues his march to the most low maintenance cat on the planet.

Massive disappointment this morning... my boyfriend was not at his window!!! No sign of him. It was like it was the weekend. No laptop, no smile, no wave. I'm like so why am I even walking???? He better have a good excuse, that's all I gotta say.

My first Dinnerly box arrived yesterday and I made my first meal last night. It was way more cooking than I generally do but I did not take short cuts and it was delicious. And I have the other half of it for dinner tonight. Plus, of course, two more meals. $40 a box. I'm pretty happy with it. They want to send me 3 meals a week. But, since it's 3 meals for 2, a week, and I'm only 1... happily, it's easy to skip a week.

Today I have no plans at all. Nothing on tap.

I just looked on my calendar and discovered a notation for 'Justin Beiber concert'. WTF??? No details in the notes, no clues at all why in the hell I'd have a Justin Beiber concert on my calendar. And then I remembered life BV. He was scheduled for a concert at Century Link Field - the stadium across the street. I note big draws on my calendar so I'll know not to make plans that involve my taking the car out or anything else that might not be easy when a biscillion people descend on my neighborhood. Ha. Tonight, at concert time, I'm guessing there might be a handful of people out walking their dogs. Maybe. Also, it's supposed to rain so maybe not. Wonder what old Justin is up to.

I think I might just enjoy the day knitting and watching TV. I have plenty of both to keep me entertained.