May 2nd, 2020

A walk well taken

There's a credenza next to the front door of my condo. It's where Biggie is always sitting these days when I walk in the door. Even if he's napping and I go to get the mail, he's there when I get back 5 minutes later.

This morning when I woke up, he was not in bed with me. I got up and pulled on my walking clothes and went to the front door and there he was perched on the credenza waiting for me to leave. Cracked me up.

Not a bad way to start the day - laughing at your cat.

Some progress.


This one is done. But, somehow I didn't get the full view. Doh. Tomorrow.


And, this is where my boyfriend is sitting on weekdays. Wonder what he's doing this morning? I'll bet he misses me.


This morning I have my grocery pickup. It's at 9. It's 8:30 now. And that's the state of things. I do think I should get dressed first so that's what's going to happen now.

I am lardered

My grocery pickup went perfectly. The only things they didn't have turned out to be things I didn't care that much about. The stuff I really wanted is now in my kitchen. Between yesterday's Costco run and today's pickup, I have an embarrassment of food supply now.

Borderline hoarding actually.

And, turns out, I need to re-think my mask judgments. Yesterday, I thought the percentage of people in this building wearing masks was perilously low. Now, having driven through town, I realize, those same numbers represent a comfortingly high percentage.

Part of my drive was through our International District. Most everyone there wore a mask. The rest of the drive through densely populated neighborhoods revealed very few masks. The store employees at QFC were wearing them. The electric company people fiddling with a utility pole were wearing them. Random people on the street? Not so much.