April 12th, 2020

took me 4 weeks, but i got it

I've been swimming every morning for about 5 or 6 years now. After my swim, I shower. At the pool. So I haven't regularly used my own bathroom for showers in many a year. Until now. And it sucks.

But, I moved the litter box out, which helped. Then I switched out the heat lamp bulb which had been in there for 29 years and never produced heat. I got a hot one. And, finally, yesterday, Amazon brought me a gynormous thirsty soft terry towel. It's 80" by 40" and wraps this fat girl up like a lustful lover.

I enjoyed my shower this morning. Finally.

The soldiers are still dismantalling the hospital and I saw a dog walker on m walk this morning. That was all.

I did discover something fun yesterday. About 4 pm the sun was out over the football stadium parking lot and people were using its vast empty space for hanging out. There were tiny clusters of people who had brought their chairs out to hang in the sun. Where there were more than 2 people, they were all spaced out. And the clusters were spaced. And, in the middle kids kicked a ball around and they were all spaced. It was pretty cool and it lasted until the sun left. The fucking trees prevented me from getting a good photo of it.

This house is getting trashy. Junk out here, stuff out there, Cat toys, 'i'll pick that up later' stuff. Just trashy. And it has to stop now or it will get hoarder-y. Today I will tackle the back half. The sewing room, the hallway, the bedroom. Tomorrow I'll do the living room. The kitchen, weirdly is fine. My guideline will be Someone I Want To Impress Is Coming Over And They Have Never Seen The Place Before. It's a good project.

I just lost my phone. I turned on Find My Phone and found it in the dirty clothes hamper. So glad I did not do laundry this morning.

I think I'm going to make a regular sized quiche today and slice it up for breakfasts for the week. I have one small can of spam left. I wonder if I should use it for the quiche or save it for sandwiches. hmmmmm

Them's the plans.

She cooks

I to not enjoy preparing food. I enjoy eating food. But, fixing it. Nope.

I had a friend, Dottie, who used to say that we were all born with a fix number of meals that we were required to prepare. She said "I was born with a low number and I got them out of the way early." Me, too! I can cook. I just do not like to. And, often, I don't like what I make even though it's fine but by the time I finish making it, the experience ruins it for me. (gazpacho is a great example. i love it. and it's dirt simple to make but by the time i finish chopping all the stuff up, the mere smell of fresh veggies turns me off so the soup is no good to me.)

But, today I cooked. Creatively and successfully. I made the quiche. I had some of that rolled up pie crust. Lordkknows how old it was. I did not even look. I did not have a pie pan so I used an aluminum brownie tin. I used the week old half and half (which did pass the smell test) and some ham I had in the freezer. I didn't have the perfect cheese but I had enough of the ok cheese. A few dried chives, some dried parsley, some nutmeg (maybe, actually a bit too much nutmeg, if I'm honest).

I prebaked the pie crust so it was lovely and crispy. I even made pie crust cinnamon cookies with the left overs and they were delicious. The quiche tastes great. I ate some for lunch and divided up the rest into containers - one for breakfast every day next week.

Then I made a salad for dinner and prepped some chicken and potatoes.

I did not mind any of it. Oh and the kitchen is all cleaned, too.