April 4th, 2020

And it's to the vet's we go

The Smalls is just going downhill. I emailed with the vet late yesterday and we agreed, he should come in. So we'll be there when they open at 9. They said to stay outside and call them when we got there.

I hope they can fix him but I'm steeling myself for the possibility that they cannot. Putting off getting help isn't helping either of us. Or Biggie. Biggie wants to play and The Smalls wants to be left alone. So we need a fix one way or the other.

It just dawned on me that I haven't driven my car in two weeks. Hope it still works.

The Smalls


Pre-vet laughs

So I get the carrier out of the closet and unfold it and put a blanket inside.

The Smalls wakes right up and watches. Biggie dives under the bed.

I take a shower and get dressed and when I come out of the bathroom, they are sitting side by side, in solidarity, glaring at the carrier. Wonder if they made a wager...

The Smalls is gone

I knew he would be but it's still hard to believe. My car's battery turns out to be dead. I considered, for a bit, just not going to the vet. But, I got a Lyft, instead. He didn't make a peep.

They took him in while I waited outside. And then they called me in. The vet said he was fading. And they could make him more comfortable and give him a day or two but probably no more. She was not sure if it was his liver or his kidneys or both.

We decided to put him to sleep. And then, he died before we could. The vet and staff were so kind. It was a long way home. I walked up to the street car - it's a long ride but no connections and it takes me to a block from home.

Now I'm home. Biggie inspected the empty carrier but I think he was just relieved to know I didn't want to get him in it.

The Smalls was such a special little kitty. It will be so different to fall asleep tonight without him snuggled up next to me.

He was here less than year but it was fun every day. I knew when I got him that the chances of his living a short life were great. I'd take that chance again today. He was totally worth it.


Other stuff

Biggie and I are adjusting. We had a wild and crazy Stickie session. He's amused himself with various toys and now is on Window Duty. I'm so grateful that he's happy and healthy and such a big bruiser. I suspect it will be a while before I see him come into the room out of the corner of my eye and wonder if it's him or his brother.

My prescription is ready at Costco and my plan was to pop in the car and go get it but... now, that's an issue. Then I get a text saying that I may be eligible for delivery! I click through and YES! but delivery is with Instacart :(. Instacart has long hated me. Well, hated susandennis@gmail.com and today was no different. "Your account is invalid call Instacart Customer Service" and gave me a telephone number that gives me a recording that says we don't answer this phone any more.

PHUCK. So then... I thought, maybe... turns out Instacart does not hate me@susandennis.com! Doesn't particularly love her but doesn't hate her. It took some hefty troubleshooting with the gracious help of seattlejo to finally get to work. And I ordered eggs, bacon and paper towels. I'll be interested to see what, if any, of those things I actually get. The confirm says it will all be here by 5:45. I tipped big. I am very appreciative. Oh and the pharmacy just called to confirm the prescription delivery so yeah!

I sent an email to my guy at the car dealership. Should I get the car revived now? Or when the stay at home order is lifted. If I wait, will my key fob even work? etc. The battery is in a very weird spot (under the shotgun seat's floor) and I'm worried that a regular roaming mechanic might not be able to deal.

But, I'm not terribly worried. Where am I going to go anyway?** And think of all the money I'm saving on gas. ** Assuming Biggie doesn't eat a door knob.


Thank you all so much for your kind words and sympathy. The Smalls belonged to all of us. What a wonderful kitty he was.