April 1st, 2020

Screwing with his brain

Biggie does love his treats. I keep them in a little bottle in the box with the TV remote. He knows this and loves when I open that box.

Biggie hates getting his nails clipped. I mean really hates it. I keep the clippers in that same box.

When I open the box, he has no idea what's going to happen. Nothing (get the remote), JOY! (a treat) or OMG NO!! (the clippers).

This does amuse me greatly.

The eggs casserole I made the other day is really delicious. Next time I will add more cheese and a healthy dose of Trader Joe's Everything seasoning (which, lately, I love on, well, everything). But, I've been enjoying it every morning for breakfast. Winner.

Today I'm going to make banana bread. I have bananas that are ready and not good for anything else and I have all the ingredients and I love banana bread so it seems like an excellent plan.

And I have a phone meeting with the Humana pharmacy about my inhaler program. I have questions which she is likely not going to answer but I'm ready with data... I particularly want to understand why one of the prescriptions I had filled a couple of weeks ago cost me $75 but the Humana website says it should have been $25. Maybe I'm misunderstanding how $100 deductibles work - I would have thought that the $400 I've paid this year would have covered it. I'm lucky to have insurance but goddoesitsuck.

I think I'm going to go take my walk now, pre-shower. This time I'm going to wrap up good. I'll shower off any sweaty when I get back.

See ya on the flip side!

She Bakes!


It smells heavenly. Bananas, chocolate chips, walnuts. Yum. But, turns out, I think Goodwill has my loaf pan. Oh well, I made do.

I had my appointment with the Humana pharmacist. I learned a lot and it was really time well spent. I talked to three different people and they were all nice, friendly, respectful and full of good info.

Otherwise just a day. The Smalls is holding his own. He's taken to pooping in the bathtub which is good news and bad news. Bad news cause, why??? The litter box is right there and you love to get in there and kick that litter around. But, he never goes on the bath mat, just the tub. Very easy clean up. And the good news is that it makes it very easy to monitor. His poops have gotten more healthy over the last couple of weeks even while he's gotten more lethargic. It's very good info to have. He still eats well and heartily and poops nicely and regularly and does not seem to be in pain.

Biggie would really rather that The Smalls was more available to wrestling and running but he's good with his banana.

And they are still loving the new bed.