February 26th, 2020


I just realized this morning that in less than two weeks I will be totally vindicated for never having set my car clock back to regular time last Fall. Sweet.

Also in just two weeks, Biggie and The Smalls will be 1 year old.

So far, there has been no eating of styofoam in this house today... that I know about. And The Smalls - aka Fragile Freddie - seems happy and well. Wonder how long this will last?

Today is house cleaner day. So while she is here cleaning up my mess, I will be out and about.

  • Amazon - return the t-shirts that were way too small
  • Goodwill - drop off my 3 bags full and, yeah, shop. I need a fun jar with a lid for Biggie's treats.
  • Uwjimaya* - tangerines and maybe crispy chicken from the Thai place for dinner?
  • Cash and Carry - Diet Dr. Pepper (they have the 16oz bottles I like)
  • gas - maybe

*There have been reports that the International District (just across the parking lot from here) is suffering. People are staying away in droves because of that stupid virus. So while I can get the tangerines elsewhere, they are best at Uwjimaya and I can show some Asian love.

Yesterday brought the announcement of a new car sharing deal. At one time we had 3 plus 3 bike sharing companies. Then we lost all the cars and all but one of the bikes. Now, it looks like we get a new car one. I signed up fast. It's quite handy to be able to pick up a car with seating for more than two or hauling space, drive it where you want to go and leave it or come back. I hope this one sticks.

Biggie chillin in the tree...


Amazon owns most of me, but Google still owns a sliver and I'm fine with both.

First off, I got a text from the Housecleaner that her brother died yesterday and she would be coming next week instead. Ok. This meant I did not have to pad my errands with errands to give her more time.

I was going to Amazon to drop off packages so why not see if Amazon Fresh had Diet Dr. Pepper and I could pick that up on the same stop. Here in the home of the mother ship, we have two kinds of Amazon Fresh. We have pick up and we have delivery. I wanted pick up. No go BUT delivery had them - exactly the form factor I wanted - for cheaper than Cash and Carry. Fine. They will be here between noon and 2. Saved me a stop. Yes, it costs me a $5 tip BUT I also get 5% off using the Amazon Visa card. I'm still ahead by about $5 on the case.

Then I got home and saw an interesting article on the new Amazon Go store. Yesterday, msconduct asked me about prices, this article shopped there and also at the QFC around the corner. (QFC is more pricey, I think, than Safeway - our two of the big chains. QFC is part of the Kroger empire.) The bottom line is that Amazon Go wins the price race and that's even before you factor in Prime Membership and the 5% Amazon Visa discount. Whoa Nellie.

Biggie is just bored. The Smalls is ok to sit for hours and nap and nod and just stare. But Biggie needs to be entertained. I ordered him a new toy which should be here today and if he likes it. We've had some Stickie sessions this morning and he seems to be winding down and ready for an afternoon nap.

I did pop into Uwajimaya. We are clearly at the end of Honey Tangerine season but I was able to find about 8 good ones. I'll miss 'em. I also got lunch - poke bowl and dinner - orange chicken. But, the store and the parking lot were really startlingly more empty than usual for mid morning mid week.