February 25th, 2020

If it's not one, it's the other

The Smalls was here in my lap when I heard a cat barfing so this time it was pretty easy to nail down the culprit.I grabbed my Kitty Hurl Kit and when to clean it up. I found Biggie but I cannot find the barf. Biggie's now resting on the bed. He seems pretty alert. I do so hope this is a one and done situation like the last time. If he did eat any of the strofoam from those toner end caps, it was a tiny bit as they were all pretty much intact when they went into the garbage. But, it's Biggie. He could have eaten any number of other things.

Now The Smalls is in the bedroom keeping an eye on Biggie.

Today promises to be another quiet day which suits me fine. The yarn I accidentally ordered last week arrived. It's two different yarns and one of them I've never used before so I want to get a swatch going so I can gauge what size needles to use for this particular sweater I have in mind. I vowed not to order any more yarn. So, let that be a lesson. My vows are not worth the Live Journal entry they are written in.

There will be a ball game. Turns out that that MLB deal I got with my season tickets is actually pretty good for listening to the games when there is no TV broadcast. The TV speakers are easier to hear than my phone's and it has live icons for game following - ball count, men on base, who's pitching/batting. It's actually very cool.

I finally had to take down the closet curtains and iron those damn creases out. But, now they look really nice so I'm glad I did it. I may do a laundry today and definitely will make more breakfasts. I ate the last one today.

Oh the new Amazon Go full grocery opened up today. It is around the corner from the cat food store. There is a QFC on the corner as well which is great. If one doesn't have what I want the other probably will. And it is also fairly easy to get to via trolley. I'm kind of jazzed. The other Amazon Go stores have very excellent prepared meals. They are pricey but excellent - and more to my taste than what's avail at Whole Foods. And no checkout?! YES. Thank you.

Ok, time to get dressed and hang up my wet swim suit.

Biggie just came in to check on me. But then went back to bed.


Biggie's Believe It Or Not

That damn cat found more styofoam! He threw up a couple of more times and I found it - tiny bits of black styrofoam.

In the back of the closet, on the top shelf, wrapped in fabric was one of those hard styrofoam rollers that you lay on to massage your back. And it had Biggie marks all over it. It is now behind a closet door in the storage unit on the terrace.

The good news is that The bits he's throwing up are very small and the roller had no large chunks missing. He continues to be perky. Right now he and The Smalls are out on the terrace watching, with great interest, the world go by.

Hopefully, he'll digest or throw up the rest of it if there is more.

I've never had a goat cat before. This damn cat will find and eat anything.

EDIT an hour later... now he's back to eating from his kibble tree again. Another crisis (and surgery) averted.