February 20th, 2020


Today the new bedroom curtains arrive. At least 4/5ths of them, I hope. I need 6 but I think 5 might do it. And Amazon only had 5. 3 are coming in one package and then 1 in another and the last one is currently scheduled for delivery tomorrow. The today ones will likely be here shortly after lunch.

As I was sitting in bed last night listening to my book, I kept looking at the current curtains. They are two parts with the outside part being shear. The cats have snagged them in lots of places and they are so dingy and I'm so over them.

And speaking of cats... if Biggie ate Stickie's feather, it's apparently not causing any issues so far. He's obsessed with the new Stickie now. He brought it to bed last night, I kicked it out and about 3 am, he brought it back. This morning, he keeps bring it to me. Now he's rolling around on the floor chomping on the feather end... again.


The Smalls is having kind of a down day, I think. He's eating fine which is always encouraging. But, otherwise, he's just kind of moping around. Or lying here next to me. He does love the sun, though. He just go up to go sit in patch of sunlight near the door.


I think it's time to inventory the freezer again. My list making of last time worked great for a while. But, this time I'm going to try using a simple inventory app and see if I can do it better. I'm working on a $ comparison between grocery shopping and Door Dash. Early returns are showing it's about the same. I do feel like I am not going to the grocery store nearly as much and when I do, spending a lot less. Interesting. I do need to find a better Thai place, tho. The spring rolls did not cut it. And the leftovers last night were eh.

Also probably a bit of a hair trim today. Maybe.

I started my new inhaler today - the cheaper one. So far, it's excellent. The delivery system is different and I kind of like the new one better. So, yeah.

Now I am fucked around on the internets so long that it's 9:30 and I'm not even dressed yet. I love that this is an option but I feel better when the bed's made. Off to get it done!


The first of the closet drapes arrived and I could not be more delighted.





For some reason I was expecting a more cotton-y heavier fabric. This is more nylon-y and light and much better. It will not catch dust like my other and is light enough to wave a little when I turn on the ceiling fan, which I love.

Now... here's the question... EDIT - decision made... maybe, probably, yes... answer at bottom of entry.

The current curtains are hung with these little metal clasp thingies. The new ones came with minimal shower curtain hooks. Both work and I can't decide which I like better.

Hook clasps? Or shower hooks? (If selected, I will make sure they are all hung the same way. I was experimenting with pointy end down or up.)


My game plan is to have two panels on this closet and three on double closet across the room. I am quite jazzed about this now.

NEW NEWS. sweetmeow made a great suggestion and so, for now, I've got these on order.

They are returnable, so we may yet have another vote :)