February 19th, 2020

Free Wednesday

Today is a Wednesday when the house cleaner does not come so I do not have to go anywhere unless I want to. I even ordered lunch from Door Dash yesterday. I got Thai for dinner and they had fresh spring rolls on the menu, so I got a pair for lunch today.

I have a couple of house chores and a full garbage can which means a run down to the dumpsters but that's it for have to's.

The cats are resting up after an early morning kerfuffle at the other end of the house. I heard it going on but left them to it. The Smalls seems to be having yet another good day. So encouraging.

Biggie just liberated the feather off of Stickie 4 (or is it 5??? - I'm totally losing count).


The Smalls watched and, I think, snickered.


I got my free MLB.TV account yesterday. It does me precious little good during the regular season (all Mariner games are blacked out here) but I can use it to watch Mariner games from Spring Training and listen to the ones that are not on TV. The first game is Saturday!

Want something to worry about? Click here.

I cannot locate the 7-10" feather that Biggie ripped off Stickie this morning. It cannot possibly be digestible. But, hopefully, it will pass through him on its own - if that's where it went.

Or we know where we can get it cut out... grrrrrrrrrr.

There is always something with these two.

On the other hand. There is, apparently, no joy to equal that of getting your paws on a fresh new Stickie.


Only 2 more left in the stash. I may need to stock up again.