February 15th, 2020

Football back in the 'hood

The Seattle XFL team plays their first game here across the street in a couple of hours. So far, the crowds are minimal. I don't know how many they expect. Always something in the 'hood.

This morning I went to have breakfast in a favorite spot - Endolyn Joe's. They pick a different city, state or country every quarter and change their decor and part of their menu to go with that place's them. This quarter it's Montreal and I wish they could stay there forever. They have a Croque Madame which is just perfection. Plus they have a bar area where you can get a nice table with no surrounding toddlers. It's a bit of a drive from here but totally worth it. And lovely today.

Then I whipped by the Enterprise Rental office near there. I was hoping to find that I could leave my car when I rent one of theirs. My friends from New Zealand will be here in July and I need a car with more seats. The problem, always, is where to stash my car while I have the rental. Alas, that location has no good place to leave my car, except just on the street which does not thrill me. But, on the street is certainly an option there so maybe that's just what I will do.

Then I made quick stop at the grocery for a couple of things and home again. Yesterday afternoon, I ended up driving over the Uwajimaya for more tangerines. I've got a serious tangerine problem. Good thing I did because Safeway had none of these Honey Tangerines that I'm currently addicted to.

Now I'm home with The Smalls on my typing arms. Poor thing, he continues to leak mucus and blood from his butt. But, at least he does it in the bathtub which is really kind of him. It's an easy way for me to monitor and it's a very easy clean up. What a sweetie. Other than that, however, he seems fine. He has no patience for Biggie who keeps picking on him. Biggie's just ready to play... Stickie, The Smalls, Whatever. Let's play, man!! I need to ingest some more bowel blockage!!

This is what I found this morning.


Needless to say, coiled cat toys have joined styofoam in pantheon of Shit That Needs To Be Not In This House. Oh, Biggie.

Meanwhile The Smalls has a nice perch to watch the action. Check out the crossed feet.


And Biggie is busy on another task now...


The real estate tax bill got posted and it did come in under $6K so whew. But, wow.

Between taxes and home owners dues, it cost me $1,250 per month to live here even owning the condo outright (I paid off the mortgage a few years ago). That is just shocking to me. Oh well. I'm grateful I can afford it. I do love living here.

Time to put the eggs in the fridge and decide what is next on the agenda.

Two Excellent Things

1. I just discovered how to get closed captions on YouTube. ljtourist got me hooked on Bon Appetite videos but their sound quality isn't the greatest and sometimes it's hard to understand what they are saying. The closed captioning isn't the greatest either but it's way better than nothing so yeah!

2. The Smalls was kind of mopey this morning and had me worried but he has now changed his tune entirely. He just fought for the top of the cat tree, and won!! Biggie put up a valiant effort, but Smalls was all MINE MINE MINE! He has not shown much interest in the tree or any really joint effort lately. But now he's playing with the wire toy with Biggie and while he gets the top bunk, he's letting Biggie stay on the lower one.


The string is a shoelace being used to stabilize the arm of that top basket that Biggie broke off!! I wood glued it back into place and likely, once the glue dries, that will work fine. The shoelace is to hold it there until the glue can cure. I didn't even try to mark it off limits. That would have failed right from the idea stage.