February 10th, 2020


Let's get this week going... My swim was good. Amanda, the Monday front desk person was MIA. Frank, the Tuesday-Saturday front desk person told me on Friday that there had been some kind of kerfuffle and Amanda may have been fired. Well, she wasn't there today... drama!! The woman who never smiles and does mostly maintenance, showed up just after 5 and opened the door for us. So, at least we got in. Drama to be continued but, probably not til next Monday.

I have, since I got home, just been down one internet hole after another. I can't seem to get a grip.

One thing I do want to do today is make a beanie or two. I have baseball hats and a couple of nice dress-up felt hats (which look great but itch my scalp like crazy) but I need everyday go to the grocery store hair cover up. I think a plain old slouchy knit hat will do the trick. So I thought I'd make a couple and see.

Most of the clothes I wear every day are kept folded up on shelves in one closet. The shirts, particularly, seem to have a hard time keeping tidy. I felt like I was spending a whole lot of time folding and refolding. And last night, I finally figured out why.


While The Smalls drives me nuts with his constant demands to nibble my nose or sit on my hands, Biggie is in charge of house havoc. No ear buds or sewing pins or styrofoam is safe. No shelves are safe. The only place I have not seen him get up on/in to is the mantle over the fireplace and I'm pretty sure that's just a matter of time.

Also while I'm in the sewing room making hats, I need to make Biggie a new collar. My quick and dirty attempt at making his current one bigger failed. It's now hanging on him like a sad old lady.

So that's the action from here this morning. I need to find the ejector button on the couch and get my ass moving.

Once I got going...

Today turned out to be fairly productive after all.

I did make a cap/beanie/slouchy/whatever and I love it. It looks doofey as hell but it's very comfortable. So comfortable that I don't give a rats ass what it looks like! (And, guy across the way in the apartment, I'm sorry for laughing at you for always wearing a hat inside. I get it, now.)


Photobomb by Biggie in his new collar.

I finally messed around with my Tiller spreadsheet so much for I completely FUBAR'd it. And so, started from scratch. Since it grabs about 90 days worth of transactions and I'm only interested in those since January... no biggie to redo. But, it did take a while of work. Done now, all nice a pretty.

The Smalls has picked up a new trick. When he wants something to eat - regardless of what is in his dish even if there is food there - he sits on the kitchen counter and cries that the end of the world is nigh. I'm going to video him next time with sound on. His digestive system is still not 100% but his appetite sure is and his attitude is 150%.

I have a very very very thin case on my phone. It's really more to protect from scratches but I noticed today that the case itself has some cracks in one of the corners. I need to quit dropping it.

Tonight we're going to try Door Dash - the pizza version. There are lots of pizza places in their listings, it was not an easy choice. We shall see if my luck holds.

Oh I just saw that the football/soccer and other stuff stadium across the street is going to no longer accept cash after this weekend. Anywhere in the stadium. The local twitteratcy is losing its mind. Bold move. Wonder if the baseball stadium is going to follow suit. Since my seat and all food and drink is pre-paid for, the only cash I ever spend it to tip my servers. I suspect they would take cash even if the stadium did not. I don't ever go to the football stadium for anything.

Costco says my new inhaler is ready for pickup. Instead of the usual $150, the price in the text is $10. $10!! As much as I hate Humana's marketing practices and find their pharmacy a major PIA, I'm a huge fan on this new COPD program. $10. Nice.

I've got knittin' to do now.

Door Dash Pizza

1st it was yummy. And $23 for 2 dinners and a lunch.

I'm not sure all this is saving me money but it is certainly coming out even and is a lot more interesting eating. At least so far.