February 8th, 2020


The Door Dash experience continues to be good. Last night's chicken arrived promptly and without issue and was delicious. Again $30. One dinner eaten and 3 dinners in the freezer. Seems like a good equation to me.

Also The Smalls was happy.


I stabbed my thumb this morning getting a fork out of the dish drainer. It's a tiny cut but I could not get it to stop bleeding. If it weren't a weekend, I would have taken it to my Dr's lab. They always have such a hard time getting blood out of me, I could have made an easy healthy deposit. Finally I was able to get it to stop long enough to get a good Nexcare bandage on it. I'll be able to live with that for a few days and, hopefully, when I take it off, all will be fine.

I feel like I need to do something today but I got nothing on the Want/Need To Do list. The monthly flea market down the road is open today but I'm kind of not into bringing more junk into the house right now. My Goodwill habit is bad enough on its own. I might wander over to Uwjimaya at lunch time and get lunch plus some more tangerines. I did get on the treadmill this morning which should get me a point. But only for 10 minutes which hardly even counts. My hip started hurting and I don't want to hurt it more plus any excuse.

The cats don't understand weekends. They are ready to get up and get going at 4:30. I got up this morning and fed them and went back to sleep. It worked for a little while but still they are confused. I get it. They are resting up for afternoon mayhem. The Smalls is here and Biggie is back in the sewing room. I love them.